First post in the Stampeder forum

Just making the first post in the Stampeder forum. It looks like a great year for the red and white, I expect them to finish no lower then third in the West. Most fans of other teams think Stamps fans are stupid because we "only signed Burris and Copeland and they are our saviours", but that's hardly the case. We believe they will do well and are two very important pieces of the puzzle, but not "saviours" by any means. Remember football is a team game, and that is exactly what the Stampeders are building: A team. They have the defense still intact which would have lead the league last season if not for a horrid offensive attack, with the addition of DB Anthony Marlbough. The offense has been highly upgraded with Burris at QB, and Copeland adds a lot of depth at the receiver position. We should also get a full year our of runningback Joffery Reynolds, whom in five games last season ran for nearly 500 yards with a 5.5 average and two touchdowns, behind a banged up offensive line and a pass happy offense. The coaching staff is solid and highly experienced. They have made some excellent moves this off season and figure to continue making the team better as the off season rolls along. New ownership is perhaps the biggest, the brightest change for the Stampeder organization, who finally rid themselves of California Businessman Micheal Feterik. The new owners consist of local businessman, and the Calgary Flames who own a 5% take in the team. This will help both the Flames and Stamps out greatly, with cross-promotion.

Go Stamps Go! Re-Building a once proud franchise!

I agree with everything red'00 wrote, this will be a great season for the Stamps, the new ownership group has done a great job of re-building the team, really looking forward to seeing the Stamps play, can't wait for the season to start.

Can’t wait for the season to start!

yeehaa brothers, weez goin to the promised land!

Finally a site where we can talk stamps football nice! has a pretty big following of stamps fans just FYI.

I "promise" you'll finish beind the Riders,Lions, Eskies! :lol:

I love my 'Cats, but lets be serious. If Copeland and Lewis don't catch everything thrown at them this year, Reynolds is going to run the ball down eveyones throat.

Riders fans may hate Burris for what he did (what ever that is) but come on, the Stamps will finish first or second.

Ya, the stamps are going to kick butt this year. They will have good WR's with Lexis and Copeland and Burris will complete the offence. GO STMAPS

Gotta love them Stmaps.

The unis look like crap (IMO), but the team is looking really good, they should do really well this year.


hahaha man the only reason you guyz "THINK" your going to have a "good" year... is cuz u have a lot of money... lots of money = talent which therefore equals.... nothing cuz the stamps have sucked the past few years and are going to continue to do so until they actually get a good team, which isn't all about money(henry burris,...etc) and actually want to play as a team, thats the only way they woudl ever do anything productive this year.