First Place

Hamilton 3-7
Toronto 3-8
Montreal 3-8

and yes im forgetting the lumberjack team on purpose

up next
Edm at Hamilton. tough game.
Tor at BC. I think Toronto will win this unfortunately
Calgary at Montreal. Montreals dead :expressionless:

we may give up first place after next weekend but the way this defence has played over the last 2.5 games I wont be surprised if we win vs EDM.

double post

We will win and both TOR and MTL will lose!

You may be peaking at the right time. You've got 3 more Western opponents: you're at home vs Edmonton and BC, and should win at least one of those; and you're playing us in our barn but possibly without Willy, so a win is realistic there too. Then it's hard to see why you shouldn't run the table against the East, except that requires more consistency than has been typical.

Seems like Ricky Ray can't hold a lead any more, so I wouldn't pick Toronto over anyone.

we will know if this team truly has turned the corner. on the road vs the west teams has been the kryptonite. hopefully Willy plays when we play you but regardless it`ll be another tough test

We WILL BEAT Edmonton,no doubt about it
Calgary will defeat the Al's
Tor at BC The Lions in a walk......this one has me scratching my head though,can you perhaps elaborate on what exactly makes you think that Toronto will win this game ? I figure that the Lions win this game by at least 10-14 pts.
Standings after Week 13


Call me crazy,call me nuts but I can see this team possibly running the table from here on out and gazing into my crystal ball I boldly predict a Cat final W/L record of best case scenario 11-7 worst case 10-8 for this season.That's right you heard it here first,the Cats will go 8-0 or at worst 7-1the rest of the way to finish out the schedule as the HOTTEST team down the stretch heading into the play-offs. :rockin: BOOK IT !!!! :rockin:

just a feelin I got. that baby blew team already has a dangerous offence and they are getting healthier by the week. Ray being in a dome can be scary

and just so everyone is clear here. tuck Foronto!!

This is the CFL. .. there is always doubt.

Subject to what I just said, I tend to think that this is a pretty safe prediction.

Well, after the blue team's collapse against Calgary, I expect a Lion victory as well. Ray may be in a dome, but Elimimian is in a special zone right now; were it not for Chick he'd be the defensive MOP at this point.

I really wish they'd stop capitalizing all of RedBlacks. Seriously, I get it's a new team and that's a thing, but it look so silly that it's the only name that can't show basic respect to laws of capitalization.

But that is their official name REDBLACKS - it's on their logo. It's like saying "I wish they would stop the Boston baseball team the Red Sox" should be Socks. Or there should be no hyphen in Tiger-Cats because it's an improper use of a hyphen.

going by point differential, Hamilton is the best team in the East. Hamilton is -17, Toronto -24, Mon -92 and Ottawa -117. Looking at that stat Montreal should have a worse record than 3-7.

I'm with Hammer. . . it's dumb. Basic computer etiquette, typing in ALL CAPITALS means you are shouting.

Anyway, why aren't they being consistent? Why is their website not ??

Much better than predicting a 20 point blowout :wink: :thup:

haha :oops:

We know, we just think its stupid. Red Blacks was the best alternative to Rough-Riders. They did good in selecting that name. Then they went and screwed it ALL up by insisting we spell it REDBLACKS. Ugh.

Anyway, I've been positive on this team all year except for two days following the Montreal game. We're young, injuries, penalties, no home and some just plain bad luck, but the pieces have always been there. Edmonton, BC, Winnipeg, all beatable. We won't sweep the West just because, well, we won't, but we'll win 2/3. We'll end up in first in the East after winning 4/5 of the remaining schedule. I guess that makes us 9-9.

Montreal will come second on the strength of their defence. Saskatchewan will cross-over as Winnipeg isn't that good and Sask has the most dire QB situation of the other 4.

I hate to go against the grain, especially when stats do not support me , but I completely disagree that the west is vastly superior to the East. Hamilton & Toronto have been devastated by injuries all season. Montreal is a great team that made a bad choice @ starting QB. Ottawa is an expansion team . (IMHO a darn good expansion team). I have no doubt that both Toronto and Hamilton when healthy can beat any Western team. I also believe Montreal is getting their QB situation improved and solidified. Ottawa, although not any ones favourite, can not be discounted . Suddenly the west teams are beginning to experience , to a lesser degree, the avalanche of injuries that the Argos and Tiger Cats have known for the whole season. They don't seem to like it. It almost seems unfair . Welcome to our world. This past weekend I thought the Argos and TiCats looked much improved. Montreal doesn't need to improve that much except at QB, and they are. Ottawa has a defence that will hold them in a lot of games. They have a great QB. They will probably not be in the playoffs because of a weak O-line and the worst crew of receivers in the league . If they get their offence together they could win some games. Either way they are not an easy win.
I believe that the east will be a dog fight for the rest of the season. I see no easy games and that any western team that crosses over will have their hands full .
I would love to see Sask come back in November ( with DD).
They will expect a different result. They will be disappointed.

Funny thing is there were many years in the past (maybe not to this extent) where the East had a great start while the West lagged behind a bit and Western fans kept telling us "Its not how you start its how you finish". But they forgot that :wink:

That IS funny considering fans from the west have been clamoring for a single division since about week 2 so that the best two teams are in the Grey Cup! Ticats are in first place and I think they could stay there and win all - or almost all - of their games down the stretch IF they continue to play like they did on Sunday! The Esks and BC will most likely be the toughest 2 teams to beat but considering that they played almost well enough against both of them even without Collaros (played less than a half vs EE), I do think it is doable. :rockin:

West fans dont want to talk about all the HOME games they almost lost to Masoli, LeFevour, no Fantuz, etc. If Collaros played those games theres no doubt in my mind we dont lose all of them.