First Place

This may seem a bit arrogant on my part, but now that the Riders are tied for first , how long before they are alone in first? I say after next week, because the Lions will lose in Calgary, and the Riders will beat the Esks at home again

I agree with you man

I think they will still be tied at the end of next week, Calgary is in rough shape shape, I think BC will get them espicially after losing that close one to the bombers this week

This poll is almost as bad as one of Turkeybends, we win the grey cup statements.

If you dont like it , dont bother, simple as that-- but something like that seems to be too difficult for you to comperhend.

Yeah I agree with Sambo an J-Man. I have a feeling Buck Peirce isin't 100% and Calgary might be ready to win one at home and I doubt we'll lose to Edmonton so, going into week 9 Riders 6-2 Lions 5-3.