First place wrapped up next week?

Mathematically, the Lions hold destiny in their own hands. The Eskies will be coming into town next Friday. A Lions win and top spot in the West will be officially wrapped up. The Lions will have 24 points. Though Calgary mathematically can still end up with 24 points and be tied with the Lions by season's end, the Lions won their series against Calgary.

Edmonton played well and beat Saskatchewan in convincing fashion today but Joseph and company will be no match for a D that has dominated the CFL all season. I also believe that Lulay and the Offence is finally starting to gel. Back to back wins in their last two games without several of their key starters in the lineup speaks volumes about the Lions' depth. Though they have sustained some injuries the Lions remain a relatively healthy team. Their last two games demonstrate this.

Edmonton will play next week like there is no tomorrow so I'm sure the Lions will not waltz into BC Place as it the outcome is a given. The Esks have some real threats: Stamps, Charles. However, I do not think Joseph is the guy to get the job done. If it had been Mr. Slippery himself Ricky Ray I would have been nervous. He always made me nervous when he came to BC Place. I think the Lions will roll over the Edmonton Eskies next Friday in convincing fashion.

I'm sure Mr. Backer@OldClarke has something to say about that. 8)

Not too much to say there beaglehound except I'm impressed with Chappy :thup: on his game prep front of things.
On that note: I'm glad that Joseph got the Eskies 2 wins [Reed replaced Crandell]; Boyd being released has resulted back to the RB game [experienced earlier in the season] which provided a great showing by Charles - (161 combined yards)

Good post Beag!

This situation reminds me a bit of last year, when the team had a couple home games left and probably no more than two playoff games. We have Edmonton at home, Calgary on the road and a probable "mean nothing" game against the Riders on November 3rd. That gives us four weeks to get Simon, Mitchell and Taylor ready and possibly Bruce and Ianuzzi as well. I don't see any eastern team that can beat us in then Grey Cup. So if we can win the western final at home we'll be in a great situation to repeat. The key is for everybody to stay healthy and for Benevides to give some of his starters a bit more rest after we clinch the western final.

-Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

It is indeed a little bit like last year Dooger like you say except this year the Lions have the edge. As I say, they can wrap it up next week against Edmonton. Last year was one of the most exciting finishes the West could every see. Calgary, Edmonton and BC all won their final game placing them dead even as far as points were concerned. They all ended up 22 points. The Lions needed to win their last season game to clinch top spot. The game against Montreal. Remember the final score? The Lions pummelled Montreal 43-1.

Since the Lions won their series against both Edmonton and Calgary, the Lions enjoyed hosting the Final against Edmonton. That was a great game preceding the Grey Cup.

I believe we will see a Western Final again in BC Place, the Lions will win and go to the Grey Cup. I'm predicting an Argos/Lions Grey Cup with the Lions coming out on top. I think we are seeing history in the making. Back to back
Grey Cups for the Lions!

I hope the Argos get in this year. The stadium will be electrifying since the GC is in Toronto. the way..... keep up with your postings. They are quite interesting to read. :rockin:

Beag, I can think of nothing better than going into Skydome...okay, Rogers Center, and spoiling their big 100thn Grey Cup event by pummeling the Argos. But we have at least four games before that, so let's not could our chickens before they hatch.

Dooger :cowboy: