First Place in the West again and hosting the Western Final

Man I am one happy camper and so is my wife! We paid for our playoff tickets as part of the package way back in May. So glad we did. We just had this......." feeling". I was a little nervous during the season and wondered at times if the Lions would actually be hosting a playoff game or have to play elsewhere in some semi-final. Now, the fans get an extra treat after the final game against SSK. The game by the way may be a precursor to a Western Final showdown if SSK plays its cards right but after looking at the standings I see Edmonton could still take 3rd place if they win their last two games and SSK loses both of their remaining games. That would be interesting because it could be deja-vue. Edmonton and Calgary met last year in the semi-final with the Eskies coming out on top. They travelled to BC Place to help launch the Lions into the Grey Cup. Might we see the same thing happen again?