First Place Eskimos

Keep it up guys, only 2 wins back of BC. I'm really pulling for you guys to get first now that my Riders are out of it. Maybe we'll meet again in the Grey Cup after next week's game ?

You think the Riders are out of it? You're throwing in the towel a bit quick...

You know if the Riders beat the Esks on Saturday, they will be tied in points in the standings, but will be ahead of the Esks because they win the season series?

Edmonton MUST beat the Riders on Saturday to stay ahead of them. Also, they have to win by more than 1 point so they win the season series for points for/against if they end up tied at the finish of the season...

I meant for first place Riders. 2nd place is quite within our grasp still, but BC has to lose the last 4 and Sask has to win the last 3 in order for us to get first. It is in no way impossible, actually it might just happen if the Leos continue to play like they played today for the rest of the season.

If that happened Edmonton would lose to Sask and if they win all the other games all three teams would be tied for first at 11-7. Sask would be first having beat Edmonton twice, Edmonton would be second, and BC third having lost both season serieses 2-1.

I doubt that will happen, but that would be really unexpected for sure...

If Dickenson doesn't get back I can certainly see the Lions losing the rest of their games. I'm not saying he's their savior but he certainly does seem to help out the team. So I'm keeping the possibility that even if he does return soon, they can continue losing.

Even if BC wins another game Edmonton can still get first place if they go undefeated.

Don't jusmp to any conclusions just yet. I'm huge fan of the Green and Gold too but the fact still remains that we have a very tough tail end of the season. Between Sask, who regardless of what I personlly think are a decent team and BC, who could wake up from the embarassing hibernation they seem to be in. Esks will make the play offs but it's way to early to tell where they'll be in the mess of it all. Any bets on who sill Cross over to the east?

If Edmonton beats sask tomorrow, i'd say sask is gonna be crossing. Who won the first game sask and calgary this year, and by how much?

If Edmonton beats sask tomorrow, i’d say sask is gonna be crossing. Who won the first game sask and calgary this year, and by how much?

[quote="esks123"]If Edmonton beats sask tomorrow, i I sure hope the esks can take the game to-day,....but no matter what......its going to be a helluva game

A bit of a butt kisser are U

I posted this way back on October 10th way before the game redwhite2005 so your comment actually holds no water. You are slipping, pennw would be ashamed. :smiley: