First place Als?

In my opinion the Als will be first place at the end of the season. Am I the only one who still thinks this or has everyone bought into the Ottawa and Toronto hype?

I agree with you
we always start very strong and chock and the end of the seasons
so maybe this is good we chocks now and finish strong

During the off-season, I predicted the Als would finish second in the east. I have a wager on this with my dad (a bottle of wine). I think the Rens will slow down, but the Argos did re-sign all their free agents this winter. They are no pee-wee organisation.

I don't mind beating them in Toronto during the playoffs...

The Als can still take first place. But they've made it much harder on themselves with their performance thus far. If the defense starts playing with passion again, and if Calvillo remembers how to finish scoring drives, we'll be fine. Thursday's game against the Riders will be the measuring stick.

However, I'm starting to become really concerned about some of the personnel decisions. We need competition at tackle, yes, but we traded a 1000-yard receiver one to one for a backup. I don't care if Wayne's Canadian, that's a questionable move. Then there's the eternal refusal to really run the football despite the plethora of talented backs on the roster (Lapointe, Lewis, Jenkins, Edwards).

Finally, there's the news that Gibson is to be converted into ... an O-lineman? What in God's name is going on? Why invest all that time and energy when our O-line is rock-solid with Chiu, Okeke, Lambert, Flory and Fritz? When former all-star Dave Mudge is sitting on the bench? Why piss off a good Canadian talent like Gibson for no particular reason?

This team is much better than its record indicates. But the coaching staff seems bent on pursuing its own agenda, regardless of how much sense it makes for the Als right now.

The other problem I have is with the offensive coordinator (can't remember his name). I know A.C. calls his own plays but it seems like we never have any creativity and imagination in the offensive schemes. You look at Buratto in Calgary or Chapdelaine in B.C. and they've always got something unusual to catch opposing defences off-guard. Us? Shotgun formation, slant. Shotgun, hitch pass to flat. Shotgun, crossing route. Shotgun, handoff to RB (only allowed once per quarter). Either the offensive coordinator needs to start earning his paycheck or Calvillo needs to start calling less predictable games, or both.

Agree totally with you disciplineandpunish, your comments are bang on. One thing to add would be to question the defensive coordinator as well. The past several years we have used the high risk high reward defense, and the personnel was selected specifically to run that defense....hence more of a premium on speed than size for the frnot 7; this year we aren't using it hardly at all.....and seem to have a romance with a three man rush. It looks dreadful. Why don't we go back to what has worked for us in the past??

MadJack, good point. Our line and linebackers are about quickness to the ball, not strength. If we can't get to the ball in time, we're in trouble. Dropping into coverage and rushing only three isn't our strength. I think Berry is scared go all-out on the blitz because we haven't been successful at it this season. But you gotta go with what brought you to the dance. Why not return to lining up eight or nine on the line and strafing the QB? We can't possibly be any worse on defense than we are already.

I still see the Als finishing first. The Toronto/Edmonton games and Montreal/BC games will probably be the biggest factor here but I still say Montreal comes out on top.

Yup, first place Als...

You guys telling me you are in no way blamming the Don?
He's the best theory coach but his missing the logic party.

He was hell bent on NOT playing Curry ever because he showed up late this year. In reality, we needed him ASAP but team theory took over for logic!

Cut Megna cause he's not big enough. DUDE, the guy used to play MLB and we have NO MLB backup... HELLO! So we sign a rookie MLB. ???

White is a HORRIBLE back-up... we have better ones in camp... so we keep White and he still sucks.... ohh and lets not play Calvillo when we are winning 50-10 ehh?

Or... last years, East Final... where do I begin!

I do blame the Don on a few bad calls LOL
but I do still believe the Als will be in first place regardless.

The game of the year will be in 2 weeks when Mtl plays Tor.
Who ever wins that game wins the tie breaker

I will step up and guarantee the Alouettes win. I called first place Als way back in August 1st when they were in the basement and I'm not going back on those words now.