first overall pick........gone

Thank you Mr. Katz, we finish last, get the first pick over all (again), but then have to give it to Montreal as compensation for our new inexperienced GM. A little ray of sunshine, gone. And pardon me for being skeptical about the rooke GM, given the 3 year dose of being exposed to rookie Marshall, rookie Kavis, rookie Erdman etc. Mr. Katz, thanks a whole lot for absolutely nothing.

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Is this true??? I didn't hear about this at all.

Link please.

Ihope this isnt true!!!!!!!!!!!!

I read most Ticat articles online and I have never read one which said that Hamilton gave Montreal its first round pick next year as compensation for hiring Desjardins.

With no link and with only 2 posts by the person doing the reporting, I would take his assertion with a grain of salt. He might be right, but scepticism would be a healthy response.

8) He may be right with his statement. I am sure that I too either read this fact somewhere, or heard it on the radio or tv. It will be interesting to find out if we did give up our first choice. I have a feeling that we did !!!

I'll add my name to the list of those who neve never heard such a transaction.

But...if it is true, I don't think it was a huge price to pay in compensation.

Marcel admitted that Montreal received
a pick for him on the 5th Quarter last week.

He didn't say it was the # 1 pick overall.

He said we would learn which pick it was later.

We were a rudderless ship without a good GM,so giving up something for one is the price we pay for getting our team pointed in the right direction..... hopefully.
Our first pick is a bit much ,is there anyone outstanding out there this year?No ,doesn't seem to be,so no big deal,but it hurts.
A good GM is needed now especially to figure out who fits into the team chemistry and new salary cap for all teams except the Argos.

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An article called: TICATS RAID ALS FOR DESJARDINS in the Montreal Gazette, August 30, 2006.

"The Als will receive no compensation from Hamilton, according to Popp."

I heard that also...makes me thinks it might be a #1 as he was reluctant to say.
If he turns thing around it will be worth it...but to me what was really needed was somebody like Bob O'Billovich who knows a good CFL type player when he sees one. Good players make coaches look good and GM's look smart.

Don't forget we also have another #1 next spring. Saskatchewan sent us theirs in the Holmes trade.

Maybe that will be the one they give up. Would make more sense. Easy come easy go.

I heard this too. I can't remember if it was on 590 or 900 but Desjardins said it in an interview.

It's pretty standard practice.

It won't be a First Round pick ... they are huge ... and would have been mentioned long ago

Well gang- I just got official word (official as in Ti-Cat staff, not my wife... that's REALLY official!) that my memory - or at least my interpretation of what my memory thinks that it heard - is dead wrong.

We did NOT trade any first-round picks. We have BOTH! Sounds good to me.

Looks like we have the first and fourth picks in 2007(Sasks pick).

Riders finished tied with Bombers with 18 points.By point spread in their two games ..S39-Winn12;&Winn27-Sask.23.
Sask gets the fourth pick in 2007 draft.
Pretty good!

If I had known I would have pulled harder for the Bombers last night. (I was already cheering them on to put the blue team in 3rd place in the east with a victory).

I thought it includes playoffs no?