First overall draft pick available

According to this article:

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Jim Barker is willing to listen to offers for the first overall pick in the draft.

If you were the GM of your favourite team, who would you offer to Barker off your current roster to acquire that pick?

Probably have to empty your roster to get it, pass.Rather the Cat’s go for 1 of SSK’s pick’s, probably come cheaper and likely won’t affect our draft board anyways.

You can have our #4 pick plus Dinwiddie for Porter and your third round pick.

You trying to get on Doug Berry's bad side ? That's his BFF !

Geez gang we’ve already veered off topic. . . I started this thread to see what you would offer to TORONTO for the FIRST OVERALL pick. . .

Tom Canada....that one worked out well for us last time.

Argos probably want a NI in return, so how about Brock Ralph and a 2nd rounder in the 2011 draft, which btw, is supposed to be even better than this years for talent.

PIggy if I was Barker I'd seriously consider that offer (the second one, not Canada :smiley: )

Argos are weak at receiver and particularly NI receivers, so that makes some sense. . . not sure I'd jump at that offer but it would get serious consideration.

i think the bombers have finally figured out the need for young ni's. so i cant see them giving up a 2nd or even a3rd round pic in 2011 for anything this season.. its been awhile since weve been able to draft in the first and second rounds... lapo seems to want to keep our picks... and i hope he does

with all of the guys potentially signing in the nfl this season.. id rAther see the bombers make a trade or two to acquire some middle round picks.. to either pick up some special teamers... or those top guys that have signed in the nfl that may be around to play up here in a year or two

Still trying pawn off Brock Ralph, eh, Piggy? :lol:

I’m with 15. I wouldn’t offer Toronto anything. Barker’s price would probably be too high, and I like what the Eskimos have done so far. The #1 pick isn’t too important to me.

Porter is a solid 2nd stringer right now with massive potential.If we were to trade him, Obie would probably ask for alot more.Dinwiddie is definitely good also though, more than Winnipeg will give him credit for.

If anything I can see us flipping you guy's Justin Hickman and a pick for your #4 and a DB

I liked RD when he was with the bombers, he never got a fair shot but fact is.. the guys record speaks for itself. very very lefors ish record. basically a similar mold to lefors too. is a good leader and can rally the team but lacks the arm strength to do much else.

most bomber fans will tell u dinwiddie is an adequate backup but not a very good starter and that is the truth.

sorry guy just cuz he wears a green jersey or might wear a green jersey this year doesnt make him any better than when he was wearing a blue and gold jersey. and I LIKED RD when he was with the bombers. I just came to realize after seeing him play more than one game that u know what.. theres a reason he's been a career backup. And at age 30, he's not getting any younger. If i were the riders and i signed RD, id hope to god durant doesnt get hurt.

but back to the original topic instead of hijacking this into another he's good no he sucks, wait i mean he's good cuz he's a rider but sucks when he's a bomber thread...

dont see anyone trading up for the 1st overall pick. Bombers wont. i mean dont really have anyone of value to trade. someone mentioned brock ralph and a 2nd or 3rd round pick. if toronto was down with that trade id make it but i dont think toronto is that dumb. then again maybe they are. Joe mack is on a local cjob radio show tonight called hustler and lawless.. who knows maybe he'll talk about the draft and maybe making some moves but i dont see them trading any draft picks away.

Who's Justin Hickman?

He's a young import defensive end who's proven nothing...has potential but there is no way anyone is going to accept that as compensation for a #4 pick ... throwing in the DB part is even more comical. So yeah... Who's Justin Hickman LOL!

As Jim Barker said "it takes 2 to Tango". I don't see how teams such as Hamilton and Edmonton, who don't have 1st round choices, could be included in any deals with the Argos or Riders; to me, the only team that has a player that the Argos would want is Montreal and the player is Adrian McPherson; Montreal will not trade him,so forget the Argos making a deal. They will select Shamori Williams-LB- 1st overall.

If the Riders make a trade, it could be with Montreal. I think that the Als would like to select Cory Greenwood -LB- or Joash Gesse -LB- and these players may not be available when the Als choose 7th. They could include a player-Paul Woldu, for instance or Diamond Ferri- and give their 7th choice to the Riders in order to get the Riders 2nd choice; they would then select Cory Greenwood.

May 2nd is not coming fast enough!


9 sacks in limited rookie action + a pick.Read the whole post please.I never said an all star DB and I never said a 6th round pick and Hickman or Hickman alone.

i hope toronto keeps the #1 pick.

but i sure wish brock ralpf would come to calgary. get some more Canadian recievers.