First official turtle man thread

There's no way we're not doing this thread. The td king is back, for our first game as fans. . . I mean, could this really be avoided??? I think not.

On another note: I regularly spot Dinwid and Arms. out. Tonight on corydon. . . I spelled it out for RD, '3 tds in TO.' He gave me that Crest white stipes smile. Arms. is a professional, but he also would make a great drinking buddy, which I love about only select people, he's truly a humble man. I could see by Dins response why the coach says he's a smart player. Ryan just looks confident in himself, and has a great attitude. If you see these guys out, they're humble, they don't stick their necks out, and they deserve to be a part of this community.

If Milt can do it with us, we can help these guys out to.

I also see Gavin Walls out frequently, the guy is an unsung hero, say 'hi' to our team. . . they're good guys.

...Milts value to the Bombers can never be questioned or over-stated..He is, and always will be, MR. Wpg. BlueBomber....and he'll show just why, on Fri. against T.O...

Here's the thing: I like the Mr. Blue Bomber. . . it sounds the way it should sound.

I just love the fact that when milt is on the field, everybody knows it. He just does what he needs to.