First offensive Ticat touchdown of 07 regular season?

When do you think our offense will score their first touchdown? Will it be this weekend? I say Chang's going to run it in himself in the second quarter against the Als...

I predict a 5-15 yard pass to Holmes in the red zone for a TD this weekend.

ill say Chang to French, in the third quarter.

dwight anderson on a pick.

Lumsden rumbles in from the 6 yard line at 5:03 of the first quarter against the Als.

Chang to Brock, 1st Quarter

If Maas starts, I'll say the Cats' D scores the season's 1st TD.

An Argo-Cat fan

I remember this thread pop up at about the same interval last year. Whatever he does, do not throw to Brock Ralph in the endzone. Everybody and thier mothers would be expecting that. I agree with the author. Chang runs it in because who is he gonna throw it to?

Just to recap, last year's mid season drought ended with a TD pass from Maas to Flick. Ain't going to be the same story this time.

1st quarter... 3rd possession...Chang to Lumsden on a hitch pass!

I like that. I'll agree for our first TD. If it's our first TD on O I'd got with Jojo Walker.

maas to thyron anderson

Gardner 5 Yard Pass from Maas
it will be very close to one in my signature

i say toss one up to bauman deep... he'll out jump those fools and get you your first touchdown. oh wait.. the coach is yet to give the poor kid a chance.

or... fake the field goal and let myers run one in.. makes about as much sense as playing this short game we have been the past couple games. seems to be working GREEEEEAAT! :thdn:

I’ll say JoJuan Armour on a turnover in the east endzone! Us bleacher creatures there will go bananas!!

Possibly the fourth quarter with Chang tossing a last minute bomb...Haha, who am I kidding? Do you really think we will score a touchdown this year? On who? Whilst were on that, who can we beat this year? We could go 0-18, a sad reality.

I have a feeling Lumsden will be the man.