First Nations Stadium/Casino/Hard Rock Cafe

Wow! Where did this come from? A 55,000 seat stadium attached to a Casino?

I am dead set against this. Althougth the concept is sweet, too many people are involved, (none of which is any of us John Q Public), mainly First Nations of Saskatchewan and Seminoles from Florida. The political overtones are huge, and the group could have way too much influence over the Rider's and the management, especially if things become tense in the future between First Nations and the Governments of Saskatchewan and Canada over some issues that have nothing to do with the Riders. Suddenly rents could rise and the Riders could be used as a pawn. Basically, we are privatizing the whole project. I don't care that it's First Nations, even if it was Donald Trump and Bill Gates, it's still the same problem.

The only thing I am against if it happens (from First Nations perspective) is that they would likely want it as an Urban Reserve, then the flood gates open, different rules (I.e. smoking will be permitted, no pst or gst would be collected or remitted, primarily First Nations would be employed). This would kill any existing downtown restaurants and bars because they can't compete.

As a public, we lose the ability to earn revenues from this, unless it's through heavy taxation to the group. More so, part of the deal is that the group purchases the casinos Regina and Moose Jaw, and them turning around and returning $200 million of the purchase price back to the group as an investment. So in the end, it's our money anyways, but we get less benefit from it.

Agree or disagree, this effectively removes the Riders from being a community owned team, even if it's not on paper.


No way!

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I guess one thing is certain though. With competing designs and offers of investments of 1/2 Billion dollars coming in, we ARE getting a new facility regardless of the source. That doubt is now removed. There would be no going backwards.

This project has huge potential as shown with the cardinal proposal. Are you saying that you want the new stadium to be managed like mosaic is now? If we as a province want a new stadium of some quality, then there will be changes in the way things are run or we as tax payers can take on the brunt of the costs, which we all know will never fly, as that is what will happen if we write off private investment such as the second proposal. I personally think the second proposal is an amazing piece of architecture and if it does get built, it will put Sask on the map in a big way. I will appreciate it 100% by paying the extra 20-30% increased ticket price to support my team.

Well, I don't know where to start. First off, how badly is Mosaic being managed right now? I'm not sure what you mean here, so if you can provide examples of bad management of Mosaic, let me know. I admit I am ignorant of issues, other than the fact that it's a 60 plus year old facility built by our Grandfathers, and desperately finished. Not sure how that issue reflects on the current management. I feel they manage it as good as they can with a dump of a building.

Yes, I feel we should take the brunt of the costs. I like what Mayor Atch says, it should be a risk/reward venture. Those who invest (province/city, etc) should take the risk, and equally share in the reward. Why do we "all" know it will never fly? Why wouldn't it?

Private investment in something of this magnitude comes with a price. Already Chief Gamble says if they were to purchase the two Casinos for $350 million, they fully expect the province to return $200 mill back to them to allow them to invest in the 1.2 Billion dollar facility. So in the end we give up our money and get little back. A smaller piece of a bigger pie. Our risk/reward ratio is now zip. We take the risk and get no rewards.

As far as the "amazing piece of architecture" comment, yes, I agree, they are very nice pictures. But already people (and I agree) are questioning things like 55,000 seats (way too much), and all glass ceiling that would probably cast some crazy shadows on the playing field (not too mention, what will that glass look like in 10 years? Just look at the canopy at West Edmonton Mall. It looks like complete crap).

My biggest point is that this puts a PRIVATE party (one that happens to be quite Political I might add) in a position of HUGE influence over the Rider organization. They won't own them on paper, but they should can put influence on them if the group is unhappy about the political stability of the day. Even issues such as scheduling of games, and other approved events. I don't know about you, but I sure don't want monster truck rallies occurring between home games. As far as the second proposal putting us on the map, a) we ARE on the map with the greatest provincial economy and b) the FIRST proposal would also draw alot of attention to us with the retractable roof. It's a great design!

As I said, no way on this deal, or any other private parties. We should take the long term risk and reap the rewards at the end of the day. I mean, who picks up the pieces should mismanagement causes it to fail? (Did someone mention F.N.U.C.?) You bet my brother, you and me as taxpayers. Plus we would be giving away $200 mil of our assets to finance the failure in this situation? Forget it.

Like you, I don't mind an extra couple hundred for season tickets, but how about we look at other options? Are you saying we couldn't afford a $400 mill over 25 years? Especially since a large amount of the financing would come from revenues, and by the sounds of it, actually generate a profit of $1,000,000 per year? What's wrong with that? I don't need the Hard Rock Cafe and lots of glass around me to enjoy a Rider game. Come to think of it.....I don't give a crap about those things. My eyes are on the game!

According to a couple of friends of mine who are business students, the proposal for a new stadium are more than likely to go through. They are also planning on ripping down the Plains hotel and building condos in their place. A new stadium sounds great, but I have a feeling we will see a rise in homelessness in Regina. We will turn into Vancouver where it feels like a police state in their downtown east side. Part of this whole revitilizing our downtown should be taking care of the homeless situation, and building adequate housing instead of slum housing which is the case for so many families in our downtown. This will fix the image of Reginas downtown.
I agree with whoever said that if we build a new stadium it should be tax payers who pay for it. That way the revenue from concerts, games, etc comes back to the people, and not just into a small fews wallet. It will help pay for other projects in our downtown. The only concern I have with public ownership is it brings in the possibility for us being stuck with a stadium that is simply sitting vacant whether it be because the CFL folds etc.

That'll be my kids problem! Hopefully I won't see that in my lifetime! :smiley:

Casino + Stadium? No thanks. That's just fuel for conspiracy theories about fixing the outcome of the games. I wonder where they found all this money though that they can't seem to use for their university.

Imagine if they legalized single-game betting in Canada!

I wouldn’t mind the idea if the Casino part was completely eliminated. Professional sports should have no association with gambling of any kind. Obviously gambling is where the money comes from, thus, I totally reject this idea.

Seems to be too many strings attached.

It would be nice to have a $1B infastructure investment. But selling the casino, and then handing over the proceeds to the people you sold it to to raise the money doesn't seem like a good plan.

The people who could benefit from it would not have any control over it. The riders have said that at 55k, it would be too big and would be a Skydome / Big O type structure that they would be looking to leave.

I hear there are several other proposals being thrown out there. This one has too many strings attached and doesn't really fit what we're looking for.

How cool would that be????

well, now it sounds like the whole thing is just a fantasy in Chief Gamble's head. The Seminoles' are only simply aware of the project, but stated that there was some sort of miscommunication. The province said the two casinos are NOT for sale, and Mayor Fiacco said, the project looks exciting but there wasn't any commitment from the city, nor have any offical discussions been made. The other nine Chiefs of the remaining nine bands have yet to say anything, or even identify themselves at this point.

So on that note, I am offically announcing my stadium plans. Here they are:

I will build you a 100,000 seat staidum, with TWO covered fields, one being a practice field. EACH row will have 6 beer taps, each one filled with a different suds. I have sent an email, and got an autoresponse back to get back to me from the Hooters corporation, to have wings served to each spectator. Cup holders in the seats? That's so 2009. I will have leather backed recliners, and oak bartops in front.

I have sent another email to Brad Wall, I have offered to purchase the two casino's and the Legislature, for $1.00 a piece, and they must rent them from me for $100,000,000 a year each in order for this deal to work. Further, they must pre-pay the first 10 years to me by March 15th. They MUST act soon, otherwise I may just change my mind.

Chief Gamble, you my friend, are an idiot for wasting everyone's time in trying to undermine the first concept by the City of Regina and the people of Saskatchewan. But you got your name in the paper, I'll give you that!

Link to Tampa Bay story

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I want neilca's stadium plan.

Dude, that sounds awesome!!!!

But you should build two -- one for Saskatoon and one for Regina. We could split our games and expand our fanbase. There's be half as many games, so you'd be certain to draw twice as many fans in both cities


I think the whole secondary stadium is just alot of posturing really. i can never see a stadium costing that much ever breaking ground in saskatchewan. there is enough of a battle just trying to get the current idea off the ground.

anywho, not sure if this is ok to post facebook stuff here, but i found this cool page there devoted to the new dome and has tonnes of posted article and stuff!/group.php?gid=106949043599&ref=mf