First Nation fellow before game?

Who was the first nation fellow before the game?
What did he say?

IIRC he was representing the various Indian bands of the region and welcoming all to the celebration.

I actually thought that was quite touching. It should become a tradition at all GCs.

Me too. A great bit of history to share, as well as a sign of inclusion.

I thought the opening as a whole wss fantastic

I liked everything but the anthem. I found the two guys and the anthem false starts annoying.

What I got from the native fellow was that he was telling us who's land each team came from and who's land it was where the game was being. Sounded political and a bit like pointing out past wrongdoings by the White man but maybe I'm wrong.


The anthem false starts were not false starts. The two guys were revving up the stadium because they were trying to get everyone to participate and sing their lungs out.

Singers before they are about to sing will do some voice "exercises" before they begin their song. I think that was what the two guys were trying to do with the crowd.

Personally, I loved the way the anthem was sung this time. The pace was great. The choir sounded fantastic. There was something cheery about the anthem this time unlike at other times when some singers sing the anthem like a dirge.

It's a good thing we are conditioned to listen about the wrongdoings of our country's forefathers - because we keep hearing it on a daily basis.

Kind of sucks when you're getting covered in snow Just get the damn thing going instead of the theatrics. Nobody paid to bepart of a choir.

Those two anthem leaders were totally annoying - and the choir quite frankly wasn't in tune. Would have loved the native leaders to organize a throat-singing of O'Canada.

At least they didn't use Dan & his bum buddy Jayfrom TSN to do the opening - Rod Black is actually tolerable as an intro host - w/ all his false hype et al.

No more political than singing anthems and having military fly-overs at pro sports events.

I found it irritating because the crowd would have been singing loud and proud anyways. This is a CFL crowd, they don't need silly prompting. That was the lamest part of the broadcast. Everything else was pretty much fantastic.

I agree. It was unique. Loved it.

Hey Lyle, I told you a long time ago that RB is OK compared to those two clowns. COMPARED is the key word.

I have no idea what your point is or why it is pertinent.

Anthems and flybys happen no matter who is in power so I believe they are symbols of national unity - vs being political statements.

Agree. Dan Thing is know one owns the land anywhere. Mother earth is the provider for our use!

As soon as Mother Nature starts paying my taxes and handles all costs of maintenance and upkeep, AND covers the mortgage, I'll agree with that logic. Until then, it is what it is.

Or are the documents and laws that rule us non existent too?

Yep, I FF past that debacle, 5 minutes of "OH", give me a break. The best performance of the Anthem I have ever seen was by Burton Cummings at a Jets game, it had a rock twist but was still respectful.

Cdn anthem at 1:30