First Name Only

Good Ol' Todd King.
Where is he now?

And where was he then?

Speedy :o

Kojo (Aidoo)
Thyron (Anderson)
Guillaume (Allard-Cameus)
JoJuan (Armour)

but more seriously as in deserving first name only:

Zenon (Andrushyshyn)

And some of us are putting down nicknames. If that's permissible then I root for good ol' "Special Delivery" Jones who was a fullback here in '50.

He was one of our slotbacks in the 1980s. Rocky and our other top receiver Bullwinkle were QB Mike Kerrigan's favourite targets.

Beware disinformation from Boris.....
.. oris it Natasha?



They were otherwise known as Moose and Squirrel . ;D

Pat Lynch ( "Never underestimate the power of a snook!"

We did have a backup QB acquired from Sask a few years back that was also a Rocky.

Anyone remember Obie Graves not to be confused with Bob O'Bill? Still holds Ticat record with 33 carries in a game

Odds of anyone thinking Butler when you say “Rocky” are probably equal to people thinking Sankey when you say “Ben.”

(Although the big Marcel Desjardins fans among us may still be thinking about What Could Have Been.)

Ahhhh, Bullwinkle. Now I remember Rocky.

With your name are you even ALLOWED to post on this thread?


Huh? ???

Waiting for the penny to drop - in 5 … 4 … 3 …

Tom & Keith.

How about "sticky stala?" Or in wally about in Miles Gorrell...have about Zeke.. as in Zeke Moreno.....Lee as in Lee knight...

I like that the Ticats had both Jim Rockford and Rocky. Also, take the O off Angelo and you get Angel. :slight_smile:

Well here's a few that haven't been mentioned yet...hows about Archie !!! 8)


Jughead !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ummm.... 'tis a joke my friend. Your name, thread name, you know.

Don't mind me, I am mostly harmless.

All the best.

I am the ORIGINAL Mark. ?