First Name Only

Surprised no-one mentioned "Archie"

ok...of course, this is the 'real' Archie below...

I'm surprised no one has said Wally.

Or D.J.

Thought I might see Damon mentioned. Although I think that names like Damon, Dieter, Felix and even Calvin, while all distinctive, do not belong in the upper echelon because of the relatively short duration of their playing time here.

Orlando stayed a little longer, but it's so hard to love an Argo.

Sudsy wasnt his first name though :wink:

How about Earl ??

How can anybody forget Ozzy?


That is one name I'll remember.

:o "What About Bob" :o

(From the Off-Season Dormant Thread Revival files...)

New names for consideration since we last visited this topic in 2006:


Are they worthy?

But Tony could also be Gabriel. Was a great player for us until he was dumped over a few bucks.

Todd King only had to wait 13 years for somebody to respond to his post. ;D

Quinton ;D

Smokey as in Stover

Any list needs to have BEN

There have been, over the years, many other first names which I believe are unique among Tiger-Cats including Less (at least spelled that way), Cam, Zeno, Ellison, Val, Lubo, Felix, Lance, Chet, Lamar, Romel, Hardiman, Carmelo, Bronco, Norbert ("Nobby") ....



What about the new linebacker “Tug” :wink:

Ang, for sure

Who is Rocky? The only person from the past I remember named Rocky was Jim Rockfords father.


Rocky DiPietro

The star Slotback of the University of Ottawa, Rocky DiPietro, signed with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 1978. During his 13 year career as a Slotback and Wide Receiver, DiPietro became the CFL’s all-time pass reception leader in 1989 and had a career total of 706 receptions for 9,762 yards and 45 touchdowns. At the time of his retirement, DiPietro held the Tiger-Cats team records for most career pass receptions and reception yards. In 1982, 1984, and 1986, he surpassed 1,000 yards in pass receptions. Rocky DiPietro retired in 1991 after starring in four Grey Cup games. Rocky DiPietro was named to the Tiger-Cats Walk of Fame in 1994.

Good Ol’ Todd King.
Where is he now?

And where was he then? :smiley:

He won't make the Ticat list, but Argo fans only need a first name to recognize their new DT.