First Micheal Buble and now a BUBBLE?

Here is the story if you haven't heard it already:

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Now, just to be fair, this proposal may or may not benefit the Riders at all but it is city money/project for city benefit. Anyone, anyone, ideas, suggestions?


A domed Stadium for Regina....Yahoo! :thup: :thup:

And you guys called us weenies on the West Coast! :?

So, the Million dollar question.....

Do they remove the bubble for games, or do they have cameras inside the bubble and the fans sitting in the bleachers watch the game on a big screen?

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Did I ask that with a straight face?

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I think the money would be better spent going towards a new facility all together.

No. Bubble is stupid.

I agree with jman.

Sambo, jman, stop trying to burst the bubble..will ya!

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Isn’t Winnipeg talking about doing the same thing?

On their new stadium though, not on the existing dump at Canad Inns.

This bubble was part of the plan announced 3 years ago. It makes a lot of sense, why not make use of the facility year round?

The city of Regina means well, but the bubble should be set up AFTER the Riders are done their season every year.

First, it may or may not be a good cover for the playing surface at the very least. My mind does wonder, however, if a freak record snowfall (which is still possible despite global warming) wouldn't put that type of a structure at risk. But all I have right now is a few pictures I scoured for of other 'bubbles' to reference from, so who knows. It would be nice if the city had some more details for us when they become available

I don't see the usage in the winter lasting for longer than the novelty couple of years. For one thing, propane heaters or not, -20 or colder and the turnouts of people will be like a Jason Plumb concert, few and far between. Yeah I think we are a fairly durable breed here but c'mon. The city of Regina should admit that the Sportplex (adjacent to the Lawson Aquatic Center), or whatever its called these days, is not sufficient space for 200+ thousand peoples recreation in the winters of the Regina area.

Nor is a semi-outdoor bubble on Taylor Field, and it's almost laughable with how yesterday this idea is. You think Dome s are yesterdays news?, think again, from my research, bubbles went out in the early 80's. The demand for space has increased dramatically with the fitness revolution since the Sportplex's construction in the mid' 80's, and the city had better not drop the 'bubble' on this one. Two million dollars is a whole lot of money to extend the life of four million dollar turf.


As far as the bubble going on field. The idea isn't new it isn't leading edge even for Regina.

Over 30 years ago a little known tennis club paid for and installed the exact same thing in Regina. They created a bubble tennis club. It was called the Lakeshore Tennis club. The bubble came down about 10 years ago or so but it lasted a long time.

Bubbles are now promoted more as temporary facilities to extend the use of the facilities. So the bubble would go on Taylor field after football was over. It would be made available for sport teams and leagues to come in and play in door soccer which is one of the fastest growing sports in Canada.

Does it make sense, purely econonmically it does. $20 M for a new in door soccer field or $2 M for a bubble....I wonder.

Indoor soccer in -20 and colder???, no thanks! Specially when there is no room for fans under the bubble. The Lakeshore was one thing, it encompassed about 6000 square feet of space to heat. I was in there as a boy and it was still a little nippy despite the heating costs. Whats a CFL field sized bubble going to cost to heat? And seeing as this isn't replacing any current facility in the city, thats all NEW COST TO TAXPAYERS WHO WILL NEVER GO NEAR THE THING!!! Never mind the FACT that Regina desperately needs a TRUE indoor recreation facility, to replace the tiny Sportplex, for its 200k+ pop'n'. What are they thinking!!!! As a permanant resident of Regina, I resent the whole notion of a bubble.


Having played tennis at the lakeshore it wasn't a big problem. Having gone out and hit golf balls in Winnipeg's golf bubble on a -40 day it definitely isn't a problem. The temp inside the bubble is definitely no where near -20. Bubbles are reasonable to heat these days as the technology has changed. Are they as fuel efficient has modern building no. But are they massive drains on budgets no.

Who says you can't have fans. It all depends on the configuration of the field.

The idea of converting the field into year round facility isn't for you as the average person to go run the track. These are typically designed to address specific needs. I can beleive there is a demand for reasonable facilities for indoor soccer. This is a reasonable use of a facility that would sit empty otherwise.

In terms of the bubble vs a new building there needs to be a return on investment. If it is economical and can address a need, then it should be considered.


I meant -20 outside man. Did you miss the part where I said I was in the Lakeshore? Here we can say what we want to say, but I have my own personal experiences that relate to my opinion. I was a kid much like the kids who would be playing soccer in the proposed new bubble and all I could think of is how tall Johnny Sandison was and how I was freezing in my shorts and t-shirt and wanted to go home. Wether it was +10c or whatever, it was too cold to want to be there. Yes technology has improved for heat, but its still more expensive now than ever. There is no insulation on these bubbles and heat has a funny way of escaping when the outside temp. is what it is in January around here. So don't try and tell me they aren't cold and don't come with high heating costs, because I know they are and do.

As for fans, who knows really, but I think I'm safe assuming that a CFL field could only be split into a 2 or 3 field config. for indoor soccer. So where do the fans sit considering the dimensions? Pardon me? OHHHH they have to stand! I see now, how classy and yet again appealing.

I don't run the track at my health club but I do however like the diversity of activities that they offer. Its called the Regina Court and Fitness Club and it has racquetball, basketball, wallyball, volleyball, squash, handball, rock climbing, free weights, gymnastics, fitness equipment, floor hockey and YES indoor soccer among a few other things that I haven't done yet. But trust me, this is one of our top gyms in Regina we should be ashamed of that fact.

I used to love curling at the old Exhibition curling rink but sometime in the early 90's indoor soccer claimed it and has a fantastic facility there to house the demands and more. Sure maybe they can't host a 40 team tourney but tough cheese people. I've been to many games at that facility in recent years with my buddy where only the one side is in use!!! I personally adore soccer and the kids who play it, but you have to be kidding that we NEED more indoor soccer space. I thought one of the benefits of a bubble would be keeping the costly field turf snow-free and preserving its life, only to realize that it will be used all winter, in fact, shortening its life! Does the fact that it has sat empty every winter for 60 years mean anything to you? It tells me its too damn cold to use in the temps. we have around here.

Economics? How about our kids futures being provided for like ours were? You know my house needs some new things too. For flooring, I could get shag carpet the cheapest, but it might be a little outdated and unsightly. Wise up and build a new building Regina!


Mike, will you stop agree with my position, its giving me a headache!

An air inflated dome make sense to me. Heck, put an inner and outer ballon and you will have great insulation value.

Kel have you ever been in a the golf dome in Winnipeg no...have you ever been in the Winter club in Winnipeg no...both are domed facilities. Both make reasonable profits. BOTH ARE DEFINITELY NOT COLD EVEN WHEN IT IS -40. I wonder if your memory of when you are a kid is tainted by an activity you didn't like.

Your house has nothing to do with it.

In terms of econonmics, it will cost 1/10 the cost of a new building and that is a conservative estimate based on what the mayor of Regina said.

Since you don't play soccer and apparently have no interest in soccer how do you know if the city needs more soccer space or not. You don't, as I pointed out in an earlier post, soccer is the fastest growing sport in Canada, with most major Canadian cities offering year round facilities for youth.

I have been in the Regina Court and Fitness Club, in fact used to play ball for a team sponsored out of there. Agree it is a great facility, but it was and still is I believe a privately owned facility.

In terms of protecting the turf. Most stadium turf's are built to last more then 9 rider home game, 6 ram home games, and 30 high school games and a handful of women touch football.

Give me a break.

Oh yes the old where are the fans going to sit argument. Have you driven by the many bleachered soccer fields in Regina and other cities no. Most fans sit on the grass, bring their own chairs or stand. Give me a break on this.

Ok. Your right.