first lost

That was one of the worst performances I have seen from this Al’s team. If the Don was still around this would never had happen. Popp you suck as a head coach!!! I doubt if this team will make the playoffs with the horrible turn out like the “D” had last night. The offence was no better if it was not for Cahoon and Watkins there would of never been a first down in the game. PATHETIC!!! Do the team a favour Popp and find a real Head Coach before its too last!!! Losing to Sask, What next???

Signed up for that rant eh? One game does not make a season. And I don't think the Riders are a bad team.

Are you on Crack! When an offense can't put up ONE score in front of its fans for a home opener with a healthy line up there is a problem. Als gave up 8 sacks. Calvillo was intercepted 3 times and could not complete one decent pass the whole game.

This is the worse football game the Als have played since 1996 !

IMO. They are the worst coached team in the league by far. Bellefeuille and Calvillo are the worst possible combination. Als should admit their error and beg Don Matthews to come and save their bacon. Popp can go back to what he does best and Bellefeuille should be chassed out of town.

I’m not sure I agree, but I love the post!

I agree with dust 100%. Maybe winning the first 7 and then losing 8 of the next 11 worked well for them in the past but they absolutely had to change their playbook. At least wait a couple more games before running Popp, Bellefeuille, and AC out of town.

Horrible turn out for the D? Holding the opposition to 16 points in the CFL is pretty good imho. Besides, when your offence isn't clicking and is constantly going 2 and out, it doesn't give your D too much of a rest.

I agree with Dust and Fox. Lets not throw in the towel already just because of one poor performance. There are still 17 games to be played. Plenty of time to work out the kinks.

And bitching about the D? Come on... Montreal's defence was the only thing keeping them in that game. :lol:

This team is going nowhere as long as Bellefeuille is O.C. and Popp is head coach. I REALLY hope I'm wrong.

Popp should have hired Chris Jones to be head coach and then let Jones pick his own staff. Or hired Chapdelaine as head coach. Or Buratto. Or made a pitch for Charlie Taaffe. There were SO MANY choices available but the old boys club won out.

Popp doesn't have to do too much considering that A.C. calls his own who's really to blame?

AC isn't calling the plays this year.

Check your facts before you speak. Calvillo is NOT calling his own plays this year. They're coming from the bench, from the O.C.

And the head coach has to do a lot more than just design or call plays. He has to evaluate personnel, establish an overall team identity, motivate his players, and be able to critique his assistants' ideas and schemes. He has to be able to make effective half-time adjustments on offense and on defense. And most importantly, he has to command the respect of his players. Does Popp have that respect? As a GM, yes. As a coach, I don't think so.

ha get used to it cus ur gonna lose next game to, the bombers look great for the first time in quite a while i mean they finally got Glenn to look like a starting quarter back and i cant wait til the game on thursday ill be there ill be the guy going crazy among 20000 people in the stands when we win

lmao lose one game and you guys are going nuts gotta love it


Many good points have been made.. I agree Popp should be coaching. Where I disagree is thinking that he should remain as GM. He has been living on his laurels the last 5 years. We have been getting worse every year. We seem to be dressing several imports who are being used as backups. In the meantime our all- Canadian offensive line is going to be a disaster. Fritz might write a good blog and be good at PR, but he was on the bench at the beginning of last year, and that's where he should be. Last night Lambert was awful.
Every year we replace 3 DB's with these new great rookies. And the next year we replace 3 DB's with these greater rookies.When you look at this years recruiting, I think you will find Mr Popp did not do a very good job.

I stand corrected..he's not calling plays. Which tells me that the organization lost confidence in his ability to do so no? especially after the GC.

I was excited when I learned Calvillo wouldn't be calling his own plays. No knock on him, but his playcalling had gotten stale and predictable, and he was the only QB left in the league who did it himself. But Bellefeuille appears to be equally stale and equally predictable. I honestly can't see what he has brought to the table that we didn't have last year. You look at Cortez running Calgary's offense last night and they had all kinds of new moves, packages, and schemes. What do we have?

Yeah because the Bombers are so good tieing the Edmonton Eskimos, a team who is supposedly worse than last year's edition.

Did you not watch the Als game? Glenn is a overrated QB, who will have a very tough time Thursday against Montreal's Defense.

No it means the Als hired a useless OC who wants to do the play calling himself.

AC called his own playes for 4 years and got to the Cup in 3 off them.

The new guy called the plays with SSK and never even had a home playoff game.......
That should tell the organization something.