First live football game

2 years ago i got tickets to the ticats game vs the blue bombers. Then i was hooked on foot ball :slight_smile:

How about you?

First pro football game I ever watched was the '99 Grey cup and boy was I glad to tune into that :wink:

im 30 now... my dad took me to a stamps als game in there last year in the league. i was soooo young. and it was awesome. ever since then it has been stamps. a lot of rough years, but some good ones. i also learned to love the entire league, and the specialness of it. my dad actually called in and supported on the telethon. theres a long way to go, but we have come a long way since then.

Honestly, I have never watched a full nfl game ever in my life, sad eh?

i have watched very few full nfl games. i find them boring. the only thing the nfl is good for is training players to eventually be cflers, and for gambling. oh an excuse for one party in january. once you stip down all the flashing lights and so on, its football... just really boring football. the best thing to do if you watch nfl, is pick a bad team... then when they do something good, your way excited. im a seatle guy. so when seattle went to the s/b it was awesome. since then... its suct.

This probably isn't the place to admit this....but I have never seen a CFL game in person. It's really not as bad as it sounds though since I just got into the CFL and CIS (mainly OUA and any Laval game I can find on tv)

To answer your question though; The first ever football game I saw live was a Buffalo Bills game when I was 6. If I remember correctly it was a preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons. Since 92 my father has had season tickets for the Bills so I have been to countless games at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Hopefully I can get to a Ti-Cats game before the end of the season.

Its not that bad to never go to a CFL game, its just a fun time :thup: and its exciteing



Thats totally fine. are you from buffalo or something. the cis is really comming along . i watch it on the score every saturday. so, are you a tie cats fan then?

No, i'm not from Buffalo. Actually i'm from the London area and just moved into London about 9 months ago.

Yeah I really enjoy CIS too, I just wish it was a bigger deal. I can't figure out why it isn't.

another dood from london started a thread the other day, complaining about times or something. n e ways, he really feels strongly that london is a perfect place for a CFL team. although he said london people dont care about buffalo. aparently he is corrected. how were those five super bowl losses in a row? So are you a tie cats fan then? i think Toronto needs more fans.

I think London would be a fantastic place for a CFL team too, hopefully i'll see it happen someday.
Meh, there arn't too many people around here that like the Bills but I think that has more to do with most people being very fairweather types. Two years ago I was seeing a lot of Patriots i'm seeing tons of Pittsburgh jerseys. Strange, eh? lol

Yeah you could say i'm a Ti-Cats fan. Don't expect me to be an Argos fan. I hate the city of Toronto and find that most of the "fans" there have no idea what sport they are watching most of the time. Very annoying stuff.

They were 4 super Bowl's in a row. And the 4 AFC championships in a row felt very nice, thank you! :lol:

LOL. sorry i had to bring that up. i always do that to bills fans. if there was an owner and a stadium available, the cfl might. Its hard to find argo fans outside of toronto. really hard. i think there are a couple on here though. The cis isnt big... i know... it sux cause its good football. really good. but the coverage is terrible. i can hear the wind through the mikes. i turn on the radio, or use the radio feed on internet and watch on tv at the same time. dinos play bears today i think. that should be good. this is a great thread. a person could write a book on the great first game experences of cfl fans.

i lied. its western @ Guelph

Montreal Vs Toronto at old exhibition stadium, i think it was 1970 Als won 21 to 20 CFL Rules!! :rockin:

First complete game:
1966 - I was 12 and my friends and I bought $2 seats in the old end zone bleachers in Ivor Wynne Stadium.

First obstructed view game:
Watching through holes in the fence at Ivor Wynne (then Hamilton Civic Stadium) when I was 10.

I was a member of Woodward's Knothole Gang in Edmonton at old Clark Stadium. We got into games for 50 cents and also got cheap hot dogs and pop. That was so long ago and I was probably around 9 or 10, so I can't really remember the first one. I think my dad took me some even earlier. We also used to watch the Edmonton Wildcats play from to time.

1st game for me was the 2006 Grey Cup in Winnipeg :smiley: , 2nd was the 2008 Grey Cup in Montreal. :oops:

number 3 mite be this years Grey Cup. :rockin:

The year was 1981....Winnepeg.....I was sitting in the upper deck and couldn't believe how great of an experience it was.....
The thing I remember the most was a pass from Dieter(Ralph) Brock to Jpe Poploski for a touch down...I swear the ball flew by right in front of me in the upper deck into the finger tips of Poploski in the End zone. Been hooked ever since. As far as NFL games saw my first in 2006 in Seattle.....Seattle beat Vick and the Falcons.....The experience of tailgating and the shear energy of the crowd made it a memorable experience....Live is the way to go to enjoy NFl....Lambeau Field in Green Bay is my next adventure since I moved back east. Please let Ottawa get back in the CFL I'm going through football withdrawal.


My first CFL live game was November 24th, 1962, McMahon Stadium, Calgary. Although as my name suggests, I am an Eskimo fan, my favourite player at the time was Harvey Wylie of the Stamps, Wylie could be best desribed as the Gizmo of the 50/60s. I was given tickets to the 3rd game of the Western Final for my birthday(The west played a best of 3 format in those days). What should have been a great day for the Stamps turned tragic as my hero attempted to kick a missed field goal out of the endzone at the end of the game but unfortunately blew the kick and Winnipeg jumped on the ball to score the winning TD. I was heartbroken.

Even the god's were angry as the resulting Grey Cup featuring Winnipeg and Hamilton had to be called due to fog and played the over 2 days.

While I don't sepcifically recall the "first" game I went to, I do remember some specifics. My Dad had two tickets, one for him and one for me and my 2 brothers, as the youngest I definetly got to go to the fewest. Our seats were 2nd or 3rd row behind the Rider bench. We sat right beside Miss Roughrider that year. We then went on to get seats in Section 8, 4 seats so we could all go. I guess I was lucky, as I have been going to live games since I was 5 or 6. Season tickets for me since I was 8 or so. Man I love going to Rider games.