First it was Princeton... it's Massillon.

Massillon Washington High School in Ohio is using the current TiCats logo to decorate their athletic centre.

[url=] ... CA4Q_AUoAQ[/url]

Wow. And considering how recently the "new" logo was commissioned and unveiled, there's really no room for discussion over who holds the rights. And while on one hand It's not that unusual for minor sports teams to pinch trademarks without acknowledging the rights holders, it's weird seeing the new logo on a big professional looking building sign on a non-Ticat facility.

It was weirder when I saw a modified version of the new TiCats logo as a twitter profile pic from a guy in South East Asia who appears to have no connection to the the team whatsoever.

The Massillon logo was discussed here some years ago, and IIRC they have permission to use the logo.

And after digging a little deeper I found this:
2005: New logo acquired from Hamilton Tiger Cats of the Canadian Football League. Massillon was awarded a three (3) year lease on the logo and permitted to alter the colors to reflect their own.

As the team no longer uses the Hamilton logo on their helmets, I'm guessing that they did not extend that three year lease on the logo. Which would mean that they are no longer authorized to use the logo.

There's no telling how old these pictures on the internet are. If they are from the lease period, then no problem. If, on the other hand, the logo is still on the athletic centre, then legally they are at fault. But I'm also guessing that the optics of suing a high school over the logo would make the Ticats management think twice over pushing the issue too far. They have probably already been in contact with the school, and if the logo is still on the building, there is probably a plan to replace it soon.

And there's this, posted on a message board 5 years ago. I vaguely remember this account.

Ticat owner Bob Young discovered this by chance while driving through Massillon and found his CFL team's logo adorning various merchandise in a local store. He was rather pleased apparently that such a successful team had chosen to adopt his own team's symbols, and gave Massillon permission to use the Tiger-Cats' logo.
[url=] ... ege-logos/[/url]

I remember hearing about that high school having permission to use the Ticats logo.

But here's something funny I saw on the Wikipedia page for that school: ... igh_School

The Tigers play their home games at Paul Brown Tiger Stadium (seating capacity: 18,000; artificial turf); a live tiger cub named [b]"Obie"[/b] is on the sidelines for each home game.
What a coincidence!

I'm no lawyer, but as the copyright holder who have to vigoursly protect your holdings. Why do you think the IOC goes after every restaurant in every little hamlet should they decide to use the word Olympic or any variation thereof as part of the name. You let them get away with proper permission and/or payment, you then set a precedent. I'm sure Bob has enough legal advise though, to look after this.

Any organization that can afford the facilities that I saw in those pictures, can afford to pay a royalty for the use of a copyrighted symbol, especially if they choose to alter it in the process. Besides, what does this teach the students there, take anything you want, don't pay for it and bet on the other person's charity. Good values and ethics being taught there.

And another note worth mentioning... Paul Brown was the one that gave a young naive 18 year old Cookie Gilchrist $5000.00 right out of high school to come to Cleveland to try out for the Browns...essentially eliminating his chance at playing college ball. Cookie went to his grave regretting accepting that money.

Most importantly, is the record of the Massilon HS team better than our TiCats?

Should have an answer within the hour. Close friend is very involved with the team. All baby boys born in Massilon have a small football places in their cribs or whatever you call those clear plastic things they are put in all wrapped up. (Help me out here, it's been a long time. :oops:
My hunch is they are having tough times too.

well, couldnt get a hold of my friend but got this link, pretty impressive. The last game is the big traditional rivalry... like labour day vs you know who.

don't know about Thursday's game though