first impressions home game.....

just thought I would share my first impressions with the Ottawa redblacks. I have seen lots of circuses in Ottawa (the last years with the Ottawa Rough Riders) and pretty much the entire renegade organization but had high hopes for the redblack given that Hunt was involved. My first impression with attempting to get tickets has left me with a very bad feeling. I was told the only way I would be able to get tickets for the home opener was to buy a package that included soccer tickets. Since I despise soccer and have no interest in supporting it, I do not wish to go this route. I guess that is how Hunt plans on supporting forcing football fans to pay for it. Wow, welcome back to the circus I guess. I can say with experience, this feels no different from the lacrosse/football thing Brad Watters tried to put together for the renegades. I hope things get better…..but feeling déjà vu

While I'm not impressed with this method of selling tickets, I don't anticipate this being a regular thing.
I am cancelling my trip to Ottawa for July as I'm not going to buy tickets to soccer in order to watch the RedBlacks.
I'll make my trip next year, as all of Lansdowne will be finished and I should be able to buy redblacks tickets without having to buy Fury tickets as well.

Sorry, but people like you are part of the problem.

I talked about this in another thread. Some fans out here (for lack of a better term) sound like they're just DYING to find an excuse to not support the team. This is a great example.

This organization has done SO much right compared to ownerships of the past. They have been massively professional 90% of the time, yet you choose to focus on the 10% and refer to them as a circus already. I don't blame you for not wanting to go to a soccer game, or not liking this particular strategy, but your memory fails you if you think this bunch is anything like any of previous owners of the last 30+ year.

Honestly, I'm not trying to be clever here, but this is what demand for tickets looks like. We've never really seen it before so it's a little unusual.

Unforutnatley not looking for an excuse sir. Looking to just get tickets so I can enjoy the game. Since I can not do so without paying for something I do not want, seems to me to fall under the same nonsense that has plagued Ottawa teams in the past. First impressions are important....and this in my opinion is a bad one. Call it what you will.

This is your first impression? Where have you been since 2008?

I understand your displeasure with the deal. I would point out that we don't know if it will continue right up to July 18th. You may get your opportunity yet.

But I think you'll be hard-pressed to sell the RedBlacks as a "circus" to anyone who's lived through drafting a dead dude and two rounds of Lonie G. This is NOTHING like those situations. Not even close.

where have I been since 2008. Been an Ottawa resident going to Montreal, Toronto and Hamilton games sir. Very enjoyable expereinces in all towns, particularly Hamilton. I do not expect Ottawa to come up to such expereinces right away...certainly that takes time. But I would not have expected this kind of nonesense. Like I it what you will. You can call it dandy if you like

With respect, the OP has no idea what they’re talking about.

The home opener is an in-demand event.

Tickets for ‘in-demand’ events command a premium over tickets for ‘less-demand’ events. This is a very simple principle.

I am a season ticket holder, but I bought a number of tickets for the home opener for family and friends. They won’t use the soccer tickets, but that is the premium you have to pay to attend an ‘in-demand’ event. No reasonable person will have a problem with that. You are free to buy individual tickets to any other game without having to buy soccer tickets. However, if you want to attend an event that is in high demand (like the inaugural game in franchise history) you can’t expect to pay the same price as an event that is in less demand. Come on, I can’t believe this even needs to be explained.

Is it a circus for MLSE to include Raptors games in Maple Leaf packages? There will always be a premium for things if demand exceeds supply.

Is it a circus for sports teams to include pre-season games in their season ticket packages? Most fans don’t care, and don’t attend pre-season games but they’re included in the package.

The answer to both questions is a resounding ‘no’. It’s simply economics. Synergies in sports are common, and beneficial.

Luckily for OSEG, and the overwhelming majority of reasonable fans, on July 18th there will be 24,000+ fans in attendance that disagree with you and understand supply and demand.

You are WRONG WRONG WRONG and really misinformed and so is Drummergod. I got my opening day ticket WITHOUT buying a soccer ticket OR a season ticket!! I did buy the mini package. The price for the 3 games was the same as buying the ONE ticket for the Hamilton opener.
We talked about home opener tickets back in April!!! now it's getting close to the opener and people that didn't buy them are complaining at the last minute??? unbelievable, why didn't you get off your ass a couple of months ago?
Still plenty of single game tickets available for other games without having to buy Fury tickets.
I got an e-mail from OSEG last Friday and it stated that as a mini-package - 3 game holder I could purchase more for the home opener, I didn't have to buy a Fury ticket.

Boohoo I don’t have the option to buy a single game ticket to the first ever game in franchise history at home! :roll:

It’s the simplest supply and demand economics ever dude. Demand = high, supply = low ; result is super expensive or difficult to acquire tickets.

Your complaint is the equivalent to saying Old Navy is a circus because the only shirts you want that are available come pre-packaged with a matching set of pants. No offence but people like you who buy maybe 1 or 2 games worth of tickets a year are NOT who OSEG needs to survive. You are not high priority unless you are really willing to put your money where your mouth is. To be honest, this is true of all businesses ever.

Why don’t you, you know, give the Fury a shot instead of just slagging the whole package. Some would call it a steal to get two franchise home openers in the same ticket package guaranteeing seats to both.

Personally I’m actually thrilled by the soccer on the side. A fantastic complement to the Ottawa sports landscape.

Here is the ad - two home openers for as low as $40. That is CHEAP for the first ever game, you also get a Fury ticket.
If you don't want the Fury ticket - THROW IT AWAY or sell it $40 is still cheap no matter what.
No one is FORCED to buy a Fury ticket - it's a giveaway, two for one.
Who knows maybe a Fury fan will buy the ticket and throw away the REDBLACK ticket. :roll:
A home opener for $40, that is cheaper than you will get in Hamilton for the opener.

Hell, donate it to Big Brothers/Big Sisters...At the ends, the price difference is all of $10.

$40 for a historic game, and you are complaining? And it's $40 if you throw out the Fury game. It's only $20 each for both historic games.

The fact that Ottawa is making the prices so reasonable should say a lot I think.

how am i misinformed? i am very aware that you can't buy tickets to JUST the JULY 18th RedBlack's game without buying seasons, flexpack or fury tickets...seeing as i'm coming from London, those ticket options don't work for me.

You stated that you are cancelling your trip to Ottawa because you would have to buy a Fury ticket. That is not true, when you purchase the REDBLACKS home opener ticket it comes with the Fury home opener on Sunday. You are not forced to go the Fury game if you don't want too. Why don't you buy the $45 REDBLACKS ticket and don't use the Fury ticket??? that is still cheaper than the Hamilton opener.
I don't think you can beat $45 for the season opener!! even if they had not included the Fury ticket with it, it was a good deal. I thought it was a great way to get fans to the Fury game too, hopefully some REDBLACK fans would go to that game too. Looks like some people read this promo wrong.
By the way I'm travelling from Collingwood, that's further than coming from London.

The Fury tickets are not free with the purchase of RedBlacks tickets. They have been factored into the price. If I'm paying $45 for RedBlacks tickets, I don't want to be sitting in the $30 seats.

It's not that big of a deal. As I stated, by waiting to go next year, all of Lansdowne will be finished which is something I want to see as well.

I got the Home Opener package which was, the home opener plus 2 more games for $89, I only wanted the Home Opener but I may use at least one other game in Ottawa. The seats are in the North Side, yes they are priced around $30 but if you look at the 3D map it's the equivalent of the $50 bronze seats in Hamilton, both seats in both stadiums are roughly on the goal line area, the Hamilton seats are in the Upper Deck higher up. To get the Home Opener in Hamilton we bought the Group tickets with the Ottawa group and they were $50 Bronze tickets.

And I suppose Lonie Glieberman would make it all better for you right? People like you are just fickle. Nothing pleases you and its damned if they do or damned if they don't. I've been a seasons ticket holder since 1979 for the Rough Riders / Renegades and now the REDBLACKS. And this is honestly the most positive, aggressive ticket marketing campaign I have ever seen. It trumps anything the Rough Riders did and the results prove it. They've sold more seasons tickets than the Rough Riders ever did.

This is purely supply and demand. If you don't like what you see, go to on the day of the game and I''m sure you'll find lots of people willing to part with their tickets. If you don't like that, browse Kijiji. If you don't like that, stand outside Lansdowne Park on gameday. You have plenty of options here.

Hunt is not supporting soccer, he s promoting soccer as an add-on to football. I don't like soccer myself but then again I had my season's tickets deposit 7 years ago. IF you did the same then you wouldn't be sitting here griping about how no one is aiming to please you.

So what circus are you talking about here? Explain? There are no Dexter Manley's or other GM/Coaching/Management/Player carousels.

IT really sucks to be you buddy.

kijiji has a pair of redblacks tickets for the opener for $1850. that's steep.
those are the only pair i found.
i don't even want to think about the prices scalpers will be selling for outside the stadium on the 18th.

its great the game is sold out , but we will see how the rest of the games will sell.

Singles are still available for the Home Opener and they are also holding back seats if you want season tickets.

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