First home game-Against Hamilton

As written on other topic, I do hope that the Alouettes will proceed with a few changes for the upcoming game against Hamilton. I would hope for changes in at least 2 areas.

-First, I hope that A WR Dante Absher is added to active roster, replacing A WR Quan Bray.

-Second, I hope that A De Jamal Davis II is added to active roster, replacing A DE Nick Usher.

There is another area where there could be a change, but It would involve a few adjustments.

More emphasis should be "paid" to the running game; while William Stanback is a very good RB, he rarely runs more than twice on each "sequence"; after a few runs, he seems to be tired and goes to the bench; I definitely don't see him running 3 or 4 times in a row; for these reasons, I hope that the Alouettes think of adding A RB Cameron Artis-Payne to the active roster. What would this addition imply?

  • An option would be to dress only 3 A WRs; Marion Alford could be used as a WR in some instances. It's time that we give more "work" to N WR Julien-Grant; they will never know what the can do if they don't give him the chances. Imagine if Stanback and Artis-Payne where on the backfield at the same time. Would improve the running game and may even improve the passing game.

-Another option would be to dress only 3 A LBs instead of 4; I would sit Najee Murray.

Unfortunately, most of these hopes won't happen.


Agree about Bray. Lewis would also be on the hot seat as far as I am concerned.

I want to see more pressure from the front 4. They certainly gave Maier plenty of time.

When I first saw Stanback in the game against the Elks, he looked like he may be carrying a couple of extra pounds. Maybe that is just me.

But agree, I would like to see Jones use him more.

I am also "hoping" Jones gets his team to cut down on the penalties.

During the game against the Elks on RDS, Vercheval said that Stanback started training camp at 250 pounds. He estimated he was at around 235 now. He is listed as 233 on the Als' site.

No wonder he got cut in Vegas. He must not be the brightest guy. I thought Antwi showed promise but I'm not suggesting for a second that Standback being replaced. He's a very good back. I'd leave Bray in for one more start at least. We need to be patient.

Je ne sais pas quoi penser de cette partie. Les Tiger Cats ont un alignement de qualité mais ont sous-performé à un niveau rarement vu. J'aurais donné l'avantage aux Alouettes en raison de la faiblesse de la ligne offensive de Hamilton et du jeu au sol presque inexistant mais l'indiscipline des Moineaux et la performance inconstante de la défense me rendent nerveux.

Another option regarding DEs Usher and Davis II could be to keep these 2 on the active roster and instead of sitting Usher to add Davis II ,they could dress only 3 A LBs instead of 4 and add Davis II; could also sit Woody Baron who has 0 defensive tackle after 2 games. They will have to pressure Masoli and preventing him from running too much.

With regards to A WRs, only Calgary, Hamilton, Montréal and Toronto dress 4; their receiving and running average yards after 2 or 3 games are:

  • Calgary. Number 3 in average receiving yards-282- and 5 in average rushing yards.-82.7-

-Toronto. Number 4 in average receiving yards-276.7- and 3 in average rushing yards.-109.3-

  • MontrĂ©al. Number 7 in average receiving yards-236- and 1st in average rushing yards.-155.5-

-Hamilton. Number 8 in average receiving yards-199- and 9th in average rushing yards.-50-


Thanks Johnny. Guess my eyes did not deceive me.

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Tough crowd. 2 games out West. A win and a loss by one yard.


When you lose a game that you more than likely should have won...

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Two teams play. One team wins. It's the law. No such thing as no business losing. Maier played very well.

He did. Had lots of time to make plays :wink:

Sure throws a pretty ball. Tight spiral. Now thereis film on him. Pressure on going forward. Haha...I'll take VA and his end over end tosses.

Considérant ce qu'on a vu, Les Timinous ne seront pas une proie facile. En fait, il n'y aura pas de proie facile pour les Alouettes. L'équipe a des lacunes, et pour qu'Adams puisse avoir suffisamment d'efficacité, il doit faire partie de la stratégie de jeu au sol; ses qualités de passeur ne suffisent pas encore pour compenser cette dimensions. On ne peut pas dire qu'il a vraiment été impliqué à ce niveau jusqu'à maintenant. Lorsqu'Adams fait partie du jeu au sol, la défensive adverse doit le respecter et ça lui achète souvent du temps pour faire ses lectures ou compléter son geste de passe. Je pense aussi que, compte tenu de sa mobilité, les Alouettes pourraient faire un peu plus de jeux en mouvement (play action) pour varier les stratégies. Ce n'est pas quand il aura 33 ans que ce sera le temps de le faire.

Leurs adversaires seront gonflés à bloc et leurs 2 quarts-arrières sont capables de faire gagner leur équipe, ce qui n'est pas le cas chez les Alouettes. Ils cherchent à lancer leur saison et cette occasion sera à ne pas rater.

On doit s'attendre à une résistance farouche samedi.

Ne manque pas le match, il est vendredi.

Als took a 30 minute break on offence after their second TD ... and never seemed to have a rookie QB confused once his jitters wore off ... not close to deserving to win IMO


Tuesday's injury report lists Antonio Simmons and Najee Murray as OUT. Does that mean Anthony Luke gets promoted to the Active Roster?

I don't think it can be Anthony Luke as he is on the league Covid PR. It will likely be Jamal Davis or Christopher Favoroso.

Oui, c'est ce que j'ai constaté par la suite. Vieux réflexe, je suppose... :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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After Shawn Lemon was released by Edmonton at the end of training camp, Calgary signed and placed him on the CFL Practice Roster. Lemon ended up starting in week 1.

I stand corrected then. So I guess Luke is a possibility also. No idea who is the better prospect of the 3.