First Half Assessment

  1. Cats don’t have the passion in this game they did in the Argo game.

  2. Taffe continues to have plays reviewed he has no chance of winning.

  3. Short yardage offense needs a lot of work. Every time the Cats have a short yardage situation they never get off the ball quick and if they make it make it with inches to spare only. We need some new third down plays.

  4. The blitz packages are totally ineffective

  1. No but I like thier resolve.
  2. It was worth a shot, and gave them a re-group.
  3. Yes!
  4. Thier O-Lineis doing well at picking them up.

1)Caulley needs to be a full time starter.
He plays. He blocks. He runs. He does not give up. He does not dance.
2)Caulley needs the ball more than 5 times in a half.
Why do we avoid what is working best?
3)We had 3 terrible short yardage plays 3 more next half I guess?
4)Our defense cannot slam the door shut. Cannot. Will not. Do not.
It is becoming predictable.
5)Blitzes against us on second and long are assured.
Our OC, for some inconceivable reason, seems to be the only person unaware of this.
6)Do we have a screen pass?
Put one in, cuz I think we must not have one now.

At least with the amount of mistakes we've made we're still only down by 4.
Calm down and wipe the butter off your fingers at halftime.

Don't listen to Glen S so much. This guy hardly knows what he is talking about. The defense had actually played pretty good. It was the offense that needed to regroup.

Glasper has done nothing at safety, the only time they got pressure on the blitz was when Beverage was in there, get glasper out ans put Beverage in IMHO Glasper is 5 yd,s behind every play.

They need to roll out Richie more IMHO and get the pocket moved. There isn't a synchronicty happening once plays break down with the receivers. If they can get the receivers to not quit on Richie (meaning coming back from deep routes and going deep from short ones) and get separation, things will break our way in the second half!

Oski Wee Wee,