First Game

I read with interest what the city inspectors have to okay before they allow anyone in the stadium. I went down to the new stadium last night. There are many 2x4 wood hand railings still in place. Multiple unsafe looking areas { for fans, not construction workers}. While I'm not in the construction business it certainly looks like no one outside of a construction worker would be allowed on site. I know the bells and whistles won't be ready and that's there a recent update on the status of the Stadium? I'll go wherever we need too. Oh by the way...0-2 is not a death is the CFL. Cheers


There's 233 pages of stadium info on another thread. You should read before you post!!!

BTW, as an aside, seeing as how you're too daft to read the 'Stadium Construction' thread, the stadium's 3-4 months behind schedule. The first game - and perhaps more - is in serious doubt.


Who deputized you as the internet forum police? I'm not wading through that stupid stadium thread to get my info either. Does that make me "daft?"

The Mods should be deleting your reply.

Honey Boo Boo...Since you don't have an up to the minute update on the status of the stadium does that make you daft as well? It was a simple and last question I will post here.

Dude posts like this are why internet forums die

No, Dude, it's why threads die.

The real issue with HBB is that he/she must mistake this forum for a who has the least class contest. If it were, HBB would be the champion for sure.

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Who’s “deputizing”?