First Game

Kubie, does that include the stadium or just the game ? How was the new place ?

Heh, sorry Dan, meant the game. Stadiums beautiful. Some kinks to work out as far as concessions: some long line ups but suspect that’ll improve as the staff gets more experience.

Not sure what cameras were used from the high lights that were shown on TSN. Did not do justice to the stadium. Can not wait to see when they have TSN crew televising from the stadium.

As everyone says it was only pre season but the Bombers putting all of there marlbles in the Buck Basket again last nights game looks like it will be a dissapointing year whether he is healthy or not.
He is a CFL vet he spent a lot of last season sitting upstairs withe the OC so he should know what the offense is all about. Bucks offense consisted of a bulk of strarting players and he looked bad bad bad. The Argos did Blitz a lot so that had some part in it put the interception he threw was on him.
As a veteran QB that is supposed to be the Bombers best chance to win again... taking some sort of command out there. Although unable to see because of no TV the broadcast team painted a pretty good picture with their tone, comments, and just general sound of disapointment.
Even the future Hall of Famer in the booth is no fan of pre season games even he knew that a starting expereinced QB should look better than that.

Maybe we can just ask the other teams to "pretty please don't blitz Buck" all season?

Anyone know the condition of Poblah? They said on the radio he hurt his ankle. He better not have another injury filled year. Any other injuries?

…It almost looked like Burke asked Milanovitch to ‘send them’ to test Bucks newly found physical stamina…(of course I kid) Buck was laughing about it after the game…He said he was blitzed every time he was under centre…Little bit much for a preseason opener everyone thought…As for Poblah …he better not be injured again is right…There’s a few receivers trying to make this club who’d luv to take his spot :wink: No other injuries I’m aware of… :roll:

…So Butchco has apologized to the fans for the opening day melee…traffic wise and stadium wise…(guess he’ll leave the game results apologies to Burke) …Garth says they were not totally ready and that he himself was pushing a broom before the gates opened… Now that I would have liked to have seen :lol: Lots to iron out but eventually it will come together

Unfortunetely like the Stadium the Bombers did not look quite ready either.
I love what the Bombers did last season using a type of two back System with Simpson and Ford, throw a Healthy Garret in the mix and thats two on the 42 and one in reserve, the last part of the season but if they cannot get at least a QB that is sufficient at some point during the season it will be a long year for the Bombers.

That's why the exhibition game was perfect. The game meant nothing and all the kinks can be worked out for the opener.

They knew there would be issues with traffic beforehand but that location was paramount in getting the federal money included into the project unfortunately. Limited access in/out plus competition for what little parking there was with students. Limited parking with everyone trying to get into the same few lots. The first plan didn't work, revise and edit. Unfortunately its just a fact of life when it comes down to it. You're still going to try delver 25-33K people into an area that does not have ease of access no matter what you do so there will always e congestion. Throw in rush hour traffic into the mix for the first part of the season....just be thankful its not baseball and you'll only have to go through this a couple times a month.

The play on the field was a fiasco. The experienced players in some cases didn't show much (ie Buck), the rookies got their feet wet and their eyes opened wide. Its not surprising the Toronto QBs had the upper hand. Despite sitting most of their vets they still had a pretty experienced squad on the field. Both Trevor Harris and Zach Collaros are in their 2nd year and got some playing time last year, even if it was the final game so they should've looked more confident and polished. Hall and Clement were both getting their first taste and looked like it. They also played like the reports from camp have suggested, Hall's coming along a bit, Clement has some work to do. Goltz didn't play enough to get an evaluation. I'm not sure whether Tor kept it simple on offense and defense, the bombers though did go pretty basic. It's not an excuse mind you, you still need the players on the field to perform and a lot of them didn't show up when the lights went on.

Bad news on the injury front though, with Muamba out for at least a week with the hamstring issue, Isaac Anderson hurt or re-injured, Kurt Adams, Hefney, and Massey. Jeremy McGee who has taken most first team reps in the SAM spot which is likely going to Sears missed the game with injury. The most worrisome is Poblah, injured yet again. And Watson has been banged up as well in camp. The NI receiver depth is going to be tested if both of those guys end up out at the same time. Etienne and Kohlert then......probably Carter? Taylor Renaud has been down with injury and hasn't really had much time. So do they go to a full time fullback type guy like Fitzgerald then if both Poblah and Watson are both hurt?

....I don't think we'll see Muamba till the opener...As far as the receivers go, we have a few nics that need to heal but I haven't heard of any being that serious....Watson returned after his hand episode and the only real concern would be with Poblah...Sounds like an ankle problem with him...Bombers will give you the newly coined phrase..'lower body injury'... Guess we'll have to see... :roll:

The issue will not be with the receivers even with some injuries if the Bombers can trott out onto the field Matthews, Denmark, Watson, and Edwards on a consitant basis they should be just fine. Whether they have a QB to give them the ball is another question all together. As for that last Receiver spot if Poblah continues to either struggle on the field or with injuries they have acuired some Canadian REC with a lot of potential as well challenge them to step up and take that job.

Jade Etienne has had a very good camp. It would be a big boost for Mack and the fans to see him crack the starting roster.

I was a little upset that the Bombers didn't push back at all when it became obvious the Argos were going to be going after the Bomber QB's, especially Buck, in a preseason game no less. But after reflecting, I'm sure the Argos were just trying to goad the Bomber coaches into tipping their hand and revealing more of their protection packages, which they didn't fall for. Maybe Burke and Crowton are smarter than they getting credit for?

That is great to hear about Etienne. Kind of got a bad rap last season. It was just his second season and it does often take a top CIS receiver at least that first year, which was his rookie year in 2010 to get up to speed at the pro level. Then last season was just a mess from top to bottom was not exactly the best situation for a young REC. Watson had proven his worth Quickly as one of those top draft picks who did breakout in his second season in 2011 but injury riddled to start and finshi first 4 games of the season in 2012 and QB carousel stunted his numbers but still played well when healthy.
Poblah also essentially a first round pick in a 2011 supplemental draft got the nod over Etienne in his rooking 2011 season out of DI Central Michagan and although he struggled a mightly his injuries were the though of the blame and was basically handed the starting job again in 2012.
New HC regime same OC but with total control of Offense could be what Etienne may need to begin to see the field on a regular basis.