First Game

Just a note to all you lucky Bomber fans that will be at the opening game tonight. Have a great time ! Remember that there is a couple of jealous fans in Southern Ontario that really would like to be there. I'm about as excited as you guys. Wish the game was on TV. Go Bombers Go !!!....PS. Kubie, if you see Mr. and Mrs. MadJack, say hello for me.

You know I would, Dan, but they aren’t coming til the 27th. :wink:

Anyhow I’ll be sure to let you know how everything was and ill try not to sound too much like a kid at Christmas.

...Wish I could be there as well kubie....Prior commitments and geography won't permit it...Anyway ...light up the place kub. Winnipeggers have deserved this for such a loooooong time. :thup:

Is the game televised locally ??

It's not. Hopefully TSN will at least have highlights.

Off to pre-game. :slight_smile:

Max looking much better than Buck so far.

Toronto 14 Winnipeg 3,at the half.

I know it is just pre-season,but given that many,many Argos veterans,including Ray,Owens,Kackert are not playing, I am surprised by the score.

Pierce: 0-5.i Int.
Hall 1 Int.


A few first half stats.

Toronto has 283 yards to Winnipeg 104.

Toronto QBs: Z.Collaros 9-12,95 yards 1 TD. T.Harris 8-11,115 yasrds.

M.Hall of Winnipeg: 7-15,69 yards and 1 Int.


that missed FG return almost surpassed the Bombers total yardage.
Hopefully that spurts some life into them

or not

Listening to CJOB and it sounds like all the Toronto backup QB are of the starting caliber where all the Bomber QB's are garbage. As much as it pains me to admit it I believe it is just that the Argos are a much superior team. I think the Bombers will need to get used to last place until they find some more talent.

Milanovich and Jones vs Burke Crowton and Creehan… Not sure its a talent thing.

…I know it’s only preseason but that was the worst effort by new comers, trying to make a team, that I’ve heard …I don’t know if Burke told the players to just go through the motions or were they really that bad…By the sounds of it the argos are a powerhouse in 2013…while we continue to flounder… I hope this is not an indication of things to come AND I know you shouldn’t put too much stock in preseason tilts BUT that effort or non sounded really bad. :thdn:

Breathe , pour a Rye and wait until game 4 of regular season to start tearing this team apart.

I think it will depend on how the defense plays. If they continue their downslide it will be a long season.

That was a very, very boring game. I don’t know if we played any starters after the first 5 minutes. But neither did they.

Toronto’s quarterbacks took us apart. And none of them had the initials “RR”.

Anybody go to the game how is the new stadium ? give details dan from bc here

I never put too much stock in a pre-season game. They are just an extension of TC, with a little more fun.

That was, um, pretty disappointing. Tough to remember anything I liked, and for once it's not because of rum.