First Game Of The Year Friday Night

Wow Ive got my first football game in over a year and a half friday nite in Windsor at 7:00p.m. I cant wait. (highschool football just so you know) It seems like forever since I last played a game and the first game of our season is on friday nite. 3 weeks of practice and then a game isnt it great. only bad part is im gonna miss one of the friday nite football games. Cheer on the good guys for me :wink:

Good luck, TiFan, and have fun!

Thx Kanga, I know the game will be great and I cant wait :mrgreen:

play safe , but hit hard..........and catch that ball.........GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

Let us know how it goes........what position do you play?

Always hit hard always. I may not be the biggest player on the team but I am one of the fastest. And I have more experience then some of the other players so I know how to hit hard but stay injury free. And as for my position I played Wide Reciever for 2 years. 1 Year I played Defensive End. And this year it seems to be a mix of Defensive End and Tight End. I went to a new highschool this year so I have a tottally different team and coach. My last year of eligabilty for Highschool football so im gonna make the best of it. And Ill fill you in on this subject how the game went.

good luck !

Well we unfortunatly lost the game. 15-7. it was 8-7 with about 5 minutes left in the game and we were on about our 30 yard line or so. Our QB dropped back to throw the ball but got sacked fumbled the ball and the other team recovered it for a touchdown. We lost and our O-line did absoltly horrible. No holes for our RB's at all all game long it was bad. Oh well full hard week of practicing ahead of us now.

My team, also high school football, had our home opener tonight and won very handly 43-18 to stay undefeated (3-0). Just thought I would mention that while we are on the high school football subject.

Ya well this is a football website. And highscool football is where a lot of star players started off (im saying a lot, not all because some never played until College/University im sure). Our home opener is next week. Our field is apparently the second best field in the area (behind Windsor Stadium) which is pretty neat lol. Well congrats to you and your team szarkatrain33. I wish u luck throughout the rest of the season. Hopefully after what I know is going to be a tough week of practicing. We will win our home opener next friday night.

aww! toobad, mate, but there is always next week, at least you did good I bet and were the reason it was 8-7!


Well thx for the moral support anyways Kanga.

my high school team is 3-0 as wel, with a defense giving up only 2.7 points per game

Well thats good Eskimos32001. Goodluck to you and your team as well. Our Defense did very well only giving up one touchdown all game long and keeping themsleves fresh by not being on the field for to long of periods. They did awsome. To bad our offense totally sucked. Hopefulyl things will change for the next game. It was a totally defensive game. So what position do all you guys play for highschool football? I mean I find highschool football the greatest. Well thats only because I get to paly it and nt just watch it lol. Overall football is just awsome.

i play fullback

How did you do Ticats fan? Any catches or anything? Any nice blocks or hard hits?

My football team is 1-2. Our win on Friday I had 80 yards rushing and a touchdown. It was nice. Also had 2 catches from the wide receiver position for 30 yards. One of my best games. And we won which is the main thing!

Eskimos32001 you've gotta be a fairly big guy to be playing fullback LOL. That like one of 2 positions ive never done. Ive never played Running Back or Returned Kicks or Punts. But I would love to do either one at least once. But anyways to answer your question EsksTMac. I had a really hard hit. One of there slotbacks/wideouts (#17) Was Eating our pass defense up wuite a lot. He was a very good athlete. But he was very mouthy and cocky. But besides that he was eating up our Defence cause he was faster then all our guys out there at the time in the secondary. So the coach told me to go out there and go man coverage on 17 every play because Im one of the faster guys on the team. So I was covering him. I was laying back a bit and he was doing a post into the middle of the field the QB saw him open and through the ball to him. The guy is about 6 foot 3 so he was really tall. Im about 6 foot or 6 foot 1. Anyways he through the ball to #17 like he had been all game long up the middle I came from the oppoiste side at full speed watching him (i wasnt playing very tight man coverage because the coach also wanted this guy hit hard cause he was mouthing off to all of our players including the coach hard but clean) and just as the ball got to him I put my shoulder's down and my shoulder pads and helmet went straight into his knees. He also had to jump for the ball cause it was a little high. So I went to tackle him my face mask hit one of his knees and it was such a beautiful hit because it was totally clean (obviously I want trying to hurt him just make it known to him that he wasnt gonna be doing that all game long. He didnt get up right away but ended up walking off the field pretty much under his own power. Then at the end of the second quarter he actually got ejected from the game just at half time because he seperated one of our guys shoulders. So wut I did was legal to the game. And his retaliation/revenge/payback. Whatever it was wasnt. Just goes to show you were revenge gets you in football if your not smart about it.

6 feet 200 pounds

Ya so your about the same height as me your just also about 50 pounds heavier. Your about the same size asa our fullback actually. And when we were doing hitting practice I went up one on one against him. Isnt it great being a small fast guy. All I need to do is get lower then the guy thats like 50 pounds heavier then me. Or twice my size. And ill win that battle all day long.

ya but what happens when he gets lower than you?? kablammo

Yes im well aware of that Billy_Soup. Thats exactly why I always try to get lower then them. But even if I get "kablamoed" LOL I get back up and try to "Kablammo" him the next time :twisted: