First game in 3 years, not sure when I will be back

After being a season ticket holder for 13 or 14 years, my wife and I decided not to renew our season tickets 3 years ago. I love the ticats but we were starting a family and were missing way too many games. We decided to but some tickets to the opening game, and take 2 of our 3 girls to the game (ages 5 and 7) and left the baby at home. We bought tickets through my daughters school so tickets only cost us $80. List on the tickets was $45 each. We sat way up in row P of Section 29 (way up high). Doing the math, the 4 tickets (in these $140). I can't imagine how much the "good" seats would have been. We then bought some soft drinks (for the wife and kids @ ~$3.75), 2 popcorn ($5), and I had 3 tall boys ($8.25 ouch). In total we spent an additional $50. With these prices, I am not sure how the team can expect an average family to go to a game. I believe they have totally priced themselves out of the market. It is incredible to me how much pricing has gone up. I wonder if anyone in Ticat land keeps stats/data on this. I remember a while back the stamps did some market analysis and actually lowered ticket prices and as a result, saw a significant increase in attendance. That when the province was flourishing.

You're entitled to your opinion about the prices, but according to the figures you cited, about half of your $50 in concessions was "beers for dad" (3x$8.25 = $24.75). 3 tall boys isn't terribly excessive, but you'd have trouble convincing me that it's the norm for most dads when an "average family" goes to a game.

Let's see,

Tickets(4) $140
Parking $10
50/50 $5
Pop $11
Beer $24
Popcorn $10
total not worth it

tickets (4) $ 88.00 in sec 30 (family section) just 1 section over
parking 10.00
50/50 5.00
pop 15.00 1 extra because no beer allowed in the family section
popcorn 5.00
total $128.00
that's 72.00 cheaper than your cost last game. i don't think the prices are out of line compared to other entertainment centers (rogers center the Air canada center, movie theaters etc)

I don't know if I'll even put on the TV to watch them again this year, let alone drive down to IW and spend money there.

Why not buy cheaper tickets like the end zone. This is why Hamilton won't support a hockey team the tickets for hockey will be much higher .I agree the ticket prices are high to watch the team we field every year but the prices in Montreal are higher

Brandon , that`s up to you but do we all have to read about it ??

Try this.From now on,buy just 2 tickets and bring 1 guest per game.The kids can take turns going to the game with dad.If you don't mind walking a few blocks,you can park for free and 2 beers max.should be enough when you are there with a child.I think it could still be a good night out,and still is the best deal in professional sports.AND,you're not alone.It's a little pricey for most families,to pay for 4,no matter what you do these days.That goes with the territory.

I don't know about you but my wife drinks beer so that would only be 1 plus for me