First expansion draft player named : Kristian Matte

Herb reporting that Ottawa will take Kristian Matte from the Montreal Alouettes. You got a good one there... Has the mean streak of Picard and colse to the size of Josh Bourke.

Hey! Spoiler alert!

Seriously, isn't it a little early for that? Have teams even submitted their lists of protected players yet?

Nope teams don't submit their protected lists for the first 2 rounds until the 9th.

So while it's possible Kristian Matte will be the first NI pick by the Redblacks, they don't even know for sure if he'll be available in the first NI round.

BUT also considering the Import rounds comes before the NI round, Kristian Matte is even less certain as Ottawa could draft Marsh from MTL allowing MTL to protect two more NI's.... so report doesn't seem too credible. lol

He's the first name that we know of. Does not really matter when he's picked. Herb also saying Desjardins will claim one of Tate or Glenn from Calgary who have decided to protect BLM but the final decision on who they will take is not made.

Herb should tell us something we don't already know or suspect. Matte the same size as Bourke? I don't know about that. Matte is listed at 6'4 295 and Bourke at 6'7 330. No comparison in talent wise either. IMO

I cannot see Ottawa selecting Marsh at all. I mean he could be good but he definitely looked way out of place when he played. Whether he won the game or not only one pro season anywhere. There are likley to be as good a chance to sign other import QBs looking at the CFL whether they be first year pros or some NFL camp/PR/or roster time.
Montreal talking up Marsh in hopes he be selected and then they can protect two more Canadians, one probably being Matte.

Also Speaking of Picard the Riders just signed him to a contract extension but I cannot see how they can protect him. Labatte, Watman, Best, Heenan, and getzlaf, and a young player like Hurl at LB with starters potential at Will LB would be my 6.
A chance to get a veteran all star center like Picard who is signed long term may be too good for Ottawa to pass on.

Not only are the protection lists not known (nor will they ever be, officially, apparently) but teams have a week or so to make deals.

If the Als rate Matte is the best of their unprotected non-imports in the first NIP round, why not try to deal him to team that needs non0import OLs for a draft pick(s)?

They may just do that. The Riders Traded Neufeld away knowing they will not be able to protect and most likley lose him for a rental sack leader to win the Grey Cup. Speaking of Winnipeg I would bet they would be very very interested in obtaining the services of Matte for just about anyone on their roster or draft pick. Say maybe a Canadian REC named Watson?

As I said, no way Ottawa can know for sure that Matte will even be available, unless MTL for some odd reason gave Ottawa an advanced copy of their protected list, teams DO NOT submit their protected lists until this coming Monday.
It's possible Montreal could protect Matte in the first NI round thus they COULD NOT select himm, not saying it's likely but possible... Especially with Bourke, Brodeur-Jourdain, Brouillette, Emry and White all pending FA's. If MTL doesn't protect their pending FA NI's, that leaves 6 potential spots to protect Matte, maybe 8 if Ottawa takes Marsh in the I round.

Unlike in the Calgary situation, where it's KNOWN Calgary can only protect 1 QB(likely Bo Levi) and Calgary has 3 starter calibre QB's, who are far more proven + signed for '14, unlike any other teams #2 QB.

Teams do not have a week to make a trade, they have about a day now.

Once the protected lists for the first 2 rounds(first NI and first I round) are submitted on Monday, there is a trade freeze UNLESS the trade involves Ottawa and protected lists cannot be changed once submitted. Teams can still extend/re-sign players or sign FA's, but any new players signed will be exposed to Ottawa and any player extended/re-signed who was not protected cannot be protected.
The sole exception being NI's on a team losing a I QB or K/P as those teams would get the ability to protect 2 more NI's for a QB and 1 more I for a I K/P in the first NI(2nd overall) round.

So if the Als were to trade Matte, they'd need to do so in the next ~day, AND if they did so they would still lose 2 NI's, so that pick(s) they get needs to be better then the extra player they lose,
Same goes for the team getting Matte, they would be exposing an extra player so it needs to be worthwhile to them as well.

Probably because no team wants an extra player to protect right now. They would likely want to send a player our way and that does not help anything...

Exellent points. If they do make a trade say with Winnipeg for Canadian REC Watson for Matte they would still have to protect Watson. Now they could make a trade for a player who would be a free agent and then have exclusive rights to sign such player before the start of free agency or for draft picks or for a players neg rights.
This however would have to be something that would have come with some planning with the thought that they actually have a chance at signiong said player or they could end up losing Matte and another player who Ottawa will then draft.

So far if they do leave Matte unprotected than Ottawa would most likley take him. Montreal and every other team will lose someone regardless.
They did acquire Pascal Baillargeon during the season and his play could be good enough that the Als feel that Matte could be expendable knowing that Ottawa will take him and then they can protect another 6 in which Ottawa will not be able to take.

Popp may not be a good coach but in all the problems that went on with the Als sidelines Popp has still been the standard for CFL GMs for some time

Good call, Herb. :wink:

Popp probably changed his mind, could have been after Ola got NFL interest or because he was not able to extend Bourke or got news that Woodruff was retiring. I am glad we protected him.