First exhibition game

Okay we can't get too excited yet.............but

Adrian MacPherson.......9 for 12
Chris Leak.................10 for 14
Ricky Santos...............5 for 7

Those are pretty impressive numbers considering they were throwing to backup receivers, most of whom aren't even going to make the team.

This is probably the best stable of QBs we've had in recent memory; sure doesn't make me long for the days of Nealon Greene, Ted White, or Tavares Bolden.

Should make us feel safer should something happen to AC........................and I haven't said that very often over the past few seasons.

May as well give Brad Banks his ticket out of town.

This is the kind of game that the coaching staff loves and hates. Very few guys if any cut themselves.

McPherson is the future QB for the Als. Played with a bunch of rookie receivers and a make shift Oline and outplayed Joseph playing with his starters.

Toronto needs a lot of work... Even if Bruce was really Spider-Man they would still need like the X-men.

I`m not quite ready to hand the keys to the car to McPherson just yet, but would like to see him inserted into regular season games for a series or two. This would of course continue his development, but also force teams to prepare for 2 different type offensive packages.
Hard to pinpoint other players without seeing the game. Proudfoot in his blog has praise for RB Jennings and DB Dix. Other names that seemed to come across often in the broadcast were WR Hardy, S Goldsby, DB Ordway, LB Mohring, and DE Hardeway.
The young offensive line did a great job line blocking.
One negative note. Philion mentioned not seeing Duval on the bench in the 2nd half. Hope nothing serious.

I couldn't agree more. I know AC likes to play the whole game and detests being taken out, but we have to think of our future, so yes McPherson (and Leak and Santos as well maybe) should get some real game time this season, and not just mop up duty late in the 4th quarters. Give them a series or two at the end of the first half no matter what the score.