First ever triple header on CBC

And I hope its the last.
Who has time to sit and watch 9 hours of football?
I dont, I would have prefered to have 1 game on Sunday

I wouldn't mind watching it, but alas I have a wedding to go to and it starts at 2:30PM... did I mention it's my boss's .... no way I can call in sick for that

Buy him a TV for his wedding and turn it on to try it out!

I'm going to try and catch some of the first two games on TV, and I'll have to miss the middle game because I'm going to the Lions game at 7pm pacific time.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Hmm.. not a bad idea.. it IS CBC.. free to, a nice set of rabbit ears should do the trick

Problem solved! If this occurs please send pictures! If the bride gets upset you simply say do you know why you picked a white gown, it is to match the appliances. Ya I know bad joke. Have fun.

football is life, the more the better

9 hrs of cfl today.
9 hrs of NFL tomorrow.

Only thing better than that is playing 9 hrs of football each day.

The problem is that CBC doesn't do a good telecast when they've only got 1 game all weekend. The best you can usually hope for is alright telecast.

They don't have enough quality people to do 2 telecasts let alone 3.

Well complain complain complain. The fact these games are on tV should be good enough.

I'll take a game on TV over no game anyday, and perhaps sportsnet should get a clue and pick up the odd game like today where CBC obviously doesn't have the resources.

Or just schedule 1 game for tomorrow

Or do that :wink:

Although it might have been an instance where scheduling conflicts came into play.

I was actually wondering about this... with TSN taking over, how the hell did CBC manage to get a triple header? :lol:

I see I'm not the only one who doesn't do anything on the weekends! :lol: Got the Chicago/Detroit game on right now. :smiley:

Hey a even bigger surprise than a triple header is the fact the during the CBC broadcasts they on more than one occasion mentioned the games coming up the following week and even mentioned that they were on TSN.
I thought it was unheard of for one network to mention the name of another?

TSN’s been doing the same thing for CBC. Seems like their intent is to push the CFL as much as they can.

tsn does it all the time

They don't have enough to do one! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

We interupt this CFL game to bring you the National....... Tonight, the garbage strike in Vancouver gets dirty................Tornto Police arrest 4 Jay walkers...............And Our special report, David Suzuki claims the North Pole is melting......... :roll:

and rumours are flying that there might be a football game going on right now, but we are waiting for confirmation on that.