first dwn 5yrds to go 14pnt swing, now can DB b fired?

Am I wrong or was the the turning point of the game 2 terrible play calls on 1st and goal from the 5, 3 hugh charles runs at the most woulda won the game, can we finally can DB? any1 wanna comment?

I'd love to say yes. But I just don't see Taman pulling the trigger on his buddy.
Please, God, let him prove me wrong!

I honestly stood up chanting "Give it to Charles, Give it to Charles"! Then he threw it and i was like "That Sucks"...

If been calling for it since last year. Let him go work on his house in Florida. Grass needs watering, just like his play calling does.

It was a turnover, an over throw. I don't necessarily agree going to Nunn in the back of the endzone on first down, but if the ball is on the mark on 2nd down it's still a touchdown. It was really Durant's only major mistake in the game, he had played pretty solid up to that point. I find it hard to fault Doug Berry when the offense racks up 511 yards with a fairly weak receiving corps and a backup runningback.

backup running back who should be our starter cates is old and lost his burst, hugh charles is da bomb!

If Marshall wants Berry, Berry stays.

The HC is the boss of the staff, and if he's not, then something is dreadfully wrong with the organization. Marshall picks his coaches. What he says goes.

You didn't see him drag 3 Lions for 10 extra yards in the preseason then. You didn't watch his TD against Edmonton in Week 1. If you did, you wouldn't say he was old.

yep cates drags them cause they catch him, charles bulls them over or they miss him all together! cates WAS a great running back he's just lost his burst, still good 4 certain situations, but not our main RB!

Sorry, you are sooooo wrong.

Previous posts have stated that Marshall was told to keep Berry and he was given no choice on Hall. Marshall is a defensive expert with two DC on his staff (Etcheverry quit). He knows how to coach that side of the team, yet it was horrible in this game. He needs to get involved in signing up some DE for our team. No pressure on the QB is killing us game after game.

Bigger issues at offense though.