First down line graphic

Has anyone else noticed that the field the Rona tape or GMC truck go across is actually an NFL sized field?

How is it that there's no shot of a CFL field that they can use for that? And, who in the CFL office approved a graphic showing a non-CFL field?

Also, why does my spellchecker think that CFL is wrong, but NFL is okay? On a CFL site even..... sheesh.....

  1. yes
    2A) The comercial was made by GM not the CFL.
    2b)GM does not want to pay for another one.
    2C)TSN is the one broadcasting the game not the CFL. If GM is giving TSN money to show the comercial, TSN is not going to say no!
  2. the spellchecker is not on the site, its installed in your omputer

Then my computer is dum. I refuse to listen to it for the most part, it tries to take the “u”'s out of my colours and neighbours…

You unfortunately present good points for why the commercial is as it is, and why it’s likely to stay that way.

As I cannot come up with any “logical” reasons for you not being correct, I’ll stop my whiny questions there.

Thanks ro.

What/Where is you spell checker?
If you are using word and then copying and pasting. Select the English Canada Dictionary, that will take care of the U problem. If it is in the browser, select add to dictionary for words that are correct yet highlighted as wrong. That will take care of CFL

they use the same ad during the NFL campaign.

Oh why doesn't the league just adopt an NFL size field and be done with it once and for all, eh guys? :wink:

Wow, this thread is interesting !

I just thought that big tape measure was so out of shape that it couldn't make it across the CFL field.

But if GM made that original commercial, which I do remember seeing during NFL games, then how does that explain Rona?

As for cost, how much could it possibly cost to get a 30 second clip of a CFL field, reduce the size to fit in the frame and use the same truck graphic and drag it across? Kids on YouTube could do it for free.

Eloquently put.

Is it that big of a deal? It is a flipping commercial.

So its a truck that paints that line! :lol: :lol: All along I thought it was several stadium workers that painted it on and scrubbed it off! :lol: :lol: