First down line advertisement

There is an advertisement on TSN for the sponsorship of the first down marker line. It has a "Rona" tape measure stretch accross for theirs and a "GMC" pickup dragging a GMC logo accross the field. I think that it is the same ad as last year. Has anyone else noticed that the graphic uses an AMERICAN field. The endzone are small and the goal posts are at the back. I never noticed this before but it really bugs me that they are sponsoring the CFL but using a AMERICAN field to do it. I will be E-mailing all three (TSN, RONA & GMC) to voice my displeasure.

Ive never noticed that, i'll look closer next time I see it but I thought it was done with the field they're playing on.

Are you serious? Who cares... They makes themselves some money... Its not that big of a deal.

I noticed that too, but it doesn't bother me. It's just a stock American produced "football" ad that saves money for one of the CFL's sponsors. GMC probably runs the same ad in College and NFL games. Would NFL fans get upset that they are using an obvious college stadium for their ad??

I noticed it as well. I, too, found it odd.

I don’t know what spots are aired in Canada during college and NFL games but this ad never appeared in the states.

It is the same ad used by Global for NFL telecasts. I think the stadium in the ad is the Metrodome in Minneapolis.

yeah, i was trying to figure out which cfl stadium it was, but i guess thats the reason why i couldnt, lol.

It honestly not that big of a deal...Honestly

Hey, call me OCD or whatever but Rona's line marker add is now using a Canadian field. I guess enough other people complained to them for them to pay to have it redone. Yah, I know that it is really low in importance but it is nice to see.