First Day of Grey Cup Fantastic!!!!

Here I am in Winnipeg at the end of a Thursday night and what a day it was.

 It was official, fans from all over North America were here to see the Grey cup.   Calgarians, Lion fans, Rider fans, Montreal fans, Argo fans plus people from the Canadian Territories to all the way down to the American CFL fans from the US.  Winnipeg was alive.  

 This morning was the Calgary pancake breakfast to start the day, but that was not all.  A series of events took place from Doc Walker performing to the Rogers CFL Player awards.  I was in Winnpeg for the 91 and the 98 Grey Cup and I have never seen Winnipeg host a Grey Cup like this.  So many events and so many different people from all over. 

 The nightclubs were packed with people in costume.  Thats right!!!! Almost everyone was dress as if they were attending a CFL Football Game.  

Almost all the fans from BC were wearing Lions Jerseys and if you were from Saskatchewan you were wearing Riders jerseys. Cargarians wearing red, Bomber fans wearing Blue, and Montreal fans were singing in french. It was amazing. Some men were wearing Kilts while others in coveralls covered with patches and pins. Several people were walking around in the nightclub with their faces painted up or wearing a wild hat of some sort.
I couple guys ever wore wild animal hats with giant horns sticking out.

 I had the pleasure of meeting John Ulman in person at the bar as well.  John Ulman played for the BC Lions when they won the 1985 Grey Cup.   He is one of the nicest guys I have ever met.   Not only did he share his time with everyone, but he also showed off one of the nicest rings I have ever seen.  A 1985 Grey Cup ring with the BC Lions Logo on it plus his name engraved on the site.  What a sight that was to see.   

 Well Thursday night is over and done and it is time for me to get some rest.  It was nice to see fans so crazy about the CFL.  I overheard someone comparing this week to the festivals in New Orleans only better.  What could be better..... The Grey Cup Parties in Winnipeg 2006.

Man, wish I was there. Next 2 years I will be going to GC for sure.

Great post BeerBarons!

Please, keep the reports coming regularly. I feel like I'm there.

Keep this thread alive as a Grey Cup journal for those of us stuck at home.

(Any chance you could post pictures?)

I wish I had my camera but unfortionatly I did not bring it with me.
I never thought it would be this good.
You can count on the Grey Cup being sold out for Sunday. The atmospere is overwelming.

WINNIPEG, MB – Organizers of the 94th Annual Grey Cup announced today that tickets for the game – to be played Nov. 19 at Canad Inns Stadium in Winnipeg – are completely SOLD OUT.

Great stuff!!!