First CFL on CBC Game of the Year


vs The Calgary Stampeders at The Ranch... a.k.a. McMahon Stadium.

meh, just saw the commercial again, figured i'd make a big deal out of it :wink:

Thank god it's Last Season of the CFL on CBC.
Why are Government Keeps Waisting are Tax Dollars on this Money Pit. when our Cites are Crumbling :x

But I Digress
it will be nice to see a Real game on TV.
NFL Europe is Boring me now.

I'd keep Newsworld. They put together some very good documentaries and news coverage. HNIC is well done also.

They butcher the CFL and as far as their comedy and dramatic programming goes... well thats just hindered I guess by the talent drain in terms of writing and acting to the US (eg 'Little Mosque': Great concept, horrible delivery).

But ya know what? I like to see some domestically produced stuff on the air nonetheless. Its better than watching the imported, re-syndicated 'idiot box' stuff thats on the private networks.

As far as the CFL goes, I'm happy they're with the best sports network in Canada and that the CFL will enjoy professionality in its television production.

Then again, TSN is affiliated with CTV which falls into that re-syndicated, imported, 'idiot-box', private network category... if only they put this domestic football up on their main network once a week.

Are you aware that CBC sports actually makes a profit for the CBC. Not just Hockey Night in Canada. CBC Football actually operates in the postive and doen't as you put it "wastes tax dollars on this money pit."

If you do not like CBC Football coverage that is your right, but, to claim that tax payers are paying for the broadcast you see before you would be false.

If you are wondering where I received this information. I have read various news articles and have heard a few interviews on the FAN590 with various guests in CBC sports who have confirmed the facts mentioned above.

While a couple entities on CBC might make money glovesave..its very existence is as a result of taxpayer funded government handouts. So techinically, Onknight is correct.