First CFL Jersey

Grew up in an era where there were almost no CFL apparel at all in stores, let alone jerseys.

Didn’t get one until adulthood

The first "jersey" I had was in the early '70s black Ticats with the long stripped sleeves and Chuck Ealey's #16. It was made of t-shirt material made to look like the real thing.

The next one I got was quite a few years later. It was the year after Jason Maas left the Ticats and I was in a National Sports Store. There was a rack with about 4 of the gold 3rd jerseys with #11 and all but one had Maas name on the back. I bought the one without the name for only $20.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a black Ticats jersey from the Ticats store. I haven't put any number or name on it yet. The current players come and go. I'm thinking Joe Montfort's 53. Good Ticat, plus 53 was my high school number.

Loyd Lewis, Ottawa, number 76.