First CFL Jersey

Hey everyone!

I just bought my first ever CFL Jersey and I am super excited and makes me wish the season would start already! I got Duron Carter with the Roughriders(green of course), I love his playing style and to me makes the game very exciting. Great athlete too!

Just wondering if anyone else wanted to share their first ever jersey and who the player was and maybe why you decided to go with that certain player?

Bringing back a little nostalia to this post :slight_smile:

Mine is the Rider White Jersey with Xavier Fulton - Front Lineman I keep watch on.

no cfl jerseys, but I have two of my own :slight_smile:

Not a jersey, but I got a white polo shirt with the small Ottawa Rough Riders helmet on the chest area.

Loved that shirt. Despite spraying it with 'shout' in the underarm areas after wearing it, the armpits eventually turned yellow and I had to throw it out. :cry: That was during the Skip Walker and coach Brancato era. That was before the internet days, too.

I switched to the Alouettes when Ottawa disappeared. If Ottawa would switch their uniform back to the 1980s Rough Rider style I'd go back to rooting for Ottawa. The current all-black and all-white (visitor) makes me barf.

Need to go online and find another white polo shirt except this time with the throwback Alouette all-blue helmet with that triangle stealth bomber-like logo on it is the best.

Have to revisit buying Canadian stuff online from America. Not sure how that works with a credit card with the exchange rate, etc. Hopefully, stuff can be delivered UPS/FedEx from Canada to the US.


My first CFL Jersey was a Lancaster one, the first jersey I ever owned was a Richard Martin white Sabres jersey with his name and number on the back. A friend of my brother ordered one, but when he got it, it was too small for him, so I was lucky enough that it fit me. I played road hockey & on the outdoor rinks until it became too small for me.

Great thread you started Schoonersfan! Koodoes!

Never did get one but was more than ready to buy an Arland Bruce jersey. I loved the guy's receiving ability. Unfortunately, he ended up going to the Alouettes.

My wife has a Lions jersey with the name Clermont on it as in Jason Clermont. She loved this guy and so did I! He was another great player. He eventually ended up with SSK where he retired. My wife still wears his jersey to games!

If I had jerseys, I would want a BC Flutie number 22.

Also a BC Fernandez #24.

A Ticat Winfield #1

and a few others.

My first CFL jersey was a #25 Terry Evanshen that I got in "75"
My second was a #31 Ben Zambiasi purchased in "80"
My third was a #16 Howard Fields purchased in "83"
Also in 1999 I got an authentic replica Ron Lancaster Head Coaches jacket
As for other sports my first NHL jersey was a NY Islander #22 Mike Bossy purchased in "79"
I also had a NFL #34 Earl Campbell Houston Oiler jersey also purchased in "79"

Amazingly enough the Evanshen and Fields jersey's are still around today and although both are rather beaten up and have seen better days they both currently reside at my son's place hanging on his wall . Sadly the Zambiasi , Coaching jacket and the Bossy , Campbell jerseys didn't stand the test of time and are all long gone .

Even though I've been following the CFL for more than 50 years I've only ever had a couple of jerseys. The first one I had was a "gold" (actually just bright yellow) and green "Tucker" jersey, after Jason Tucker. I ended up giving it away after Tucker retired.

I have actually never been able to buy a GREEN and gold jersey since the CFL store seems to be chronically sold out of them.

CFL wise a Tom Wilkinson #12 . Bought in Edmonton in the 70's .

In 1976 I Received as a present the Bobby Orr #4 (1976 ) Canada Cup Jersey . Still have it but it's a youth size . It's in a box somewhere with the Cub Scout uniform .

Presently have a Bobby Ryan Senators Jersey #6 got it really cheap at a Reebok store as Bobby has a new number now .

Have a Redblack Jersey with no name was going to get some players name and number but they turn over players so quick I never bothered . If I do it would be Russ Jackson as he never goes out of style .

I wonder if I could get a Joe Kapp [mid 60s QB for the Lions] jersey.

That would be awesome if the store offered retro jerseys. Though there is an option to have custom numbers and name, but only for the current line.

What about the entire jersey itself, being custom made?

The same organization(s) that make jerseys for high school football throughout North America could possibly offer a “point and click” online program to design your own jersey. You could just upload a CFL team logo to the website, and presto you got (1) custom made jersey made EXACTLY the way you wanted it.

Anyone know if that exists? Sounds possible to me.

I want this Alouettes jersey (1980s):

Jerseys have to be made by Adidas.

I’d expect some more retro or third jersey options to pop up for all the teams in the next year or two, similar to what existed when Reebok was in charge of things a few years back.

The Rocket

Rick Cassata, Ottawa, 1974, following the 1973 Grey Cup.

First jersey-ish shirts I remember having were long sleeve t-shirts produced in the mid to late 1970s. One was an orange Lions one, the other was a green Roughriders one. Had the team name where the player's name would be, and they had numbers on the front and back. I was probably 8 or 9 years old.

First actual jersey was the Riders' black one. Being a former offensive lineman, and a high school teammate of my third cousin, who ended up being one of the all time great Riders, there's only one number that will grace my ample belly, and only one name that will go across my back. MAKOWSKY 60.

I have a green Reebok jersey that I haven't put the name and number on to yet. See above as to which player it will be.

My first one was Willie Burden #10 Calgary Stampeders (~1976). I've been wearing the red and white ever since - probably 10 different jerseys over the years.

Had a knock off of Peter Dalla Riva when he played for the Als way back when.

And when the Als came back (previously the Baltimore Stallions), I managed to get a Mike Pringle jersey and had him sign it after one of the home games.
That one is framed along with a signed Ben Cahoon jersey (a retro Als jersey)that hang on the wall of my man cave.

I bought a game worn #91 Jackie Parker jersey about 5 years ago from a collector. JP was before my time but I love it as a legendary collectable and as an investment in a way.
After researching his life JP was quite the guy besides his football talent. In a way he was instrumental in fighting racism that existed in E back in his day.