First CFL game(Winnipeg)

We will be heading up from Nebraska in July to Winnipeg for our first CFL game against Montreal and were wanting to know of things around WInnipeg to catch for the game? I've been to 50 or so NFL games but have enjoyed watching the CFL over the years on TV and think it would be better to catch a game live. Is there much tailgating in Winnipeg and do people sell tickets much outside the stadium. Any advice is appreciated, thanks

I advice you choose another team for your first CFL experience

Sorry just kidding! :wink:

yeah we have tailgating parties outside the stadium. Winnipeg is an awesome place for your first CFL expireance!

It will also be super hot to0!

Winnipeg vs. Montreal are always exciting games.

If you've been to 50 or so NFL games .. CFL tailgating will seriously disapoint you ... its nothing like the tailgating in the states .. at all.

Not that it isn't fun, to eat and drink with other CFL fans (i do every game) ... but the scale is drastically different... you'll maybe find a couple hundred fans at best usually (at least thats the way i've experienced in Winnipeg/Calgary/Saskatchewan against Green Bay, Minnesota, Seattle and Denver) ... drastically different.

(and yes - there are tickets outside the stadium ... )


50 degrees is super hot??? Tell them to buy parkas and snow tires, they will need them. They also need to bring banjos for the pep rally

sambo you have Winnipeg mixed up with regina.... you banjo playing hillbillies!!

Mosquito repellant too........

no that doesnt work in winnipeg, with all the pests there, mosquitoes have built up an immunity to repellant....

have a good trip mate, while I'm still stick in boring ol georgia.

and the mosquitoes can't be THAT bad, can they...?

In Winnipeg , they can be...

The mosquitos are so tough the repellant just ticks them off!

Maybe they should play for the Bombers then

ah mosquitos, I'm ready for them, and I know they will come after me, they love Aussie blood.

I don t think anyone scalps tickets at a CFL game cause there are always tickets available.. there are some good restaraunts in the peg, only thing is that the stadium is almost in Brandon, if you are heading there from the downtown core...

We may not tailgate much here in Canada but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy our football just as much. We are just a tad more reserved, on average, than Americans, and that's quite ok I might add, just who we are.

Did we just learn something of Kanga's ancestry? :shock:

There's plenty of guys selling around Ivor Wynne. But they usually ask "Who's got tickets?" or "Who's selling?" There's nothing illegal about offering to buy, only offering to sell; so this is how they let people know they're selling.

I always wanted to go up to one of these guys and direct them toward the box office and say "They've got lots of them over there." Thing is, the last couple of years, there's no guarantee that's true.

Two things that come to mind when I think of Winnipeg....
1 - Mosquitos like you've never seen before.
2 - +25 ambient temperature, +40 with Humidex. If you like feeling wet and sticky then Winnipeg is the place for you! It's extremly humid, unbearable at times.

Have fun! Are you sure you can't make it to another city instead?

I am use to hot sticky weather coming from Omaha, I follow Edmonton more than any team, just this works best for us geographically. We will drive up.

Too bad you couldnt bring Marlin Perkins with you, lots of two legged 'wildlife' in the peg :lol: