First Argos game, first CFL game...

hey everybody,

I support all the Major League Sports franchises in Toronto (well at least i try) and for the first time this Friday Aug 10, i will attend my first Argos/CFL game ever! Argos vs. the Roughriders, the tickets are on special for only $5 each on because it's the last friday game of the season..but the only thing is they're at the 500 level.
Since this is my first time going to a Argos/CFL game, Anybody have any tips or suggestions? I've heard after the game, all the fans are invited on the field to meet the players. Anyone know if this is true and is it even worth it? How is the Roger's center as a venue for football? Also, if anyone can talk about the tailgating parties?

so far i've been to raptors, leafs and jays games in the past so this will be my first ever CFL game and i'm excited, would appreciate any advice but either way, i will just sit back and enjoy the game!


hey mellie heres to your first cfl game, ( mine 1971-Args- al,s) al,s won 21- 20. ) - :thup: :rockin: ---- as for the sky dome being a good venue, It actually is a pretty good CFL building (built with Baseball/Football in plan,).

You can't beat the price $5.00 for a CFL game. Just curious...did you have to put a hundred in front of the five for the leaf game.

ARRRRRGOOOOOS! By far the best Toronto team. Well if Bishop were playing, we might even win this one. Hopefully its a packed house, because the team needs all the help it can get with all the injuries. A close game might put them over the top with a loud crowd.

As for the dome, it's still a good place to watch football. The Jumbotron actually shows every play unlike in Hamilton. 500 level is actually the best seat as far as understanding how the play unfolds. Going on the field is neat if you have never been. Trying to meet the players can be a little hard with a big crowd like Friday's and they usually just run it for 20 minutes. The tailgate is near the ACC on your walk to the dome. The Argonauts tailgate party is on the South side of the dome. The cheerleaders are there. Have fun!

Wow awesome advice...i will definetly check out the tailgate party near the ACC and by the dome. Good to know the Jumbotron shows every play...Now i'm really excited :smiley: thanks for all the tips everybody!!! much appreciated.