First annual "Post of the Year! " 2018 Ti-Cat Forum

Clearly we need something to argue about / discuss and so nominations are open for “Post of the Year!” in the Ti-Cat Forum.

Nominations are open until the end of this week! (I’m leaning towards amusing, witty quips).

I have a handful in mind that I will copy and paste later today. Please feel free to add additional suggestions to this thread.

No promises yet, but I am hoping the winning post will be put on the big screen at a Ti-Cat home game and maybe a set of steak knives - but certainly pride in knowing your witty and insightful comment has made this board a better place.

Steak Knives? ? ? Do we also have to listen to a vacuum cleaner sales pitch? (That’s how we got OUR set 37 years ago.)

Old superstition. Giving knives as a gift is bad luck. ;D

Better offer a power drill or something.

There was a classic or two from Laughing Hard, but unfortunarely they are in locked threads

My turn to be grammar cop…

“First Annual” is impossible until there is a second event.

“Innagural Post of the Year…” is the way to go here.

Thank you my son . :wink: I knew those genes would shine on through .

Pat Lynch (just a proud innernet parent)

Any post correcting grammar/spelling. Those are the ones that keep the civilization from unravelling.

inaugural. LOL

No one likes a know it all.

Especially not a forget it none.

How about that post by SeaFiddle where he reminded us of Johnny Football’s remarkable achievements, told us just what Johnny was thinking, explained how he would soon dominate in the CFL because of his superior talent, educated us on how college football pedigree was the sole determinant of success, and reminded us that every CFL player would go to the NFL if they were good enough?

(Or am I just inadvertently blending every single one of his posts into a representative summary …)

Oh yes… he/she was a real treat. A good example as to how so many American’s see the rest of the world.

I think we have a name for the trophy: the SeaFiddle Cup.

“SeaFiddle, we hardly knew ye!? Could be engraved on the baseplate.

The First Annual SeaFiddle Cup! (Inaugural is too ugly a word) or we could call it the 17th annual SeaFiddle Cup to give it some street cred.

I know.

All of it?

No no no no. Second prize needs to be a set of steak knives. First prize should be a Cadillac Eldorado…

I agree. The last time I agreed with you I got attacked and they locked the thread.

If a person is a know it all,
Why don’t they know how irritating they are? :wink:

I could vote for that guy that had us signing Justin Hickman last season,
For the life of me, I can’t remember who that guy was. :wink:

God, I hate the off season. :-\

I know that too.