First 5,000 Fans to CFL Home Games Get Vaccinated

I wouldn't know. I have never followed basketball.

Well. CFL fans across the country can help their cause by e-mailing and asking the Deputy PM and Finance Minister to include funding for CFL football in the April federal budget: for cloth face masks, vaccinations of fans, whatever gets some CFL fans back in seats.

They didn't do it before but why it would it be different know.

Plus the taxpayers will be up in arms if the government helps the CFL.

Can't have it both ways.

Almost all businesses are being helped by the government during this pandemic why should the CFL be any different. Small and large businesses alike have been or will be getting bailouts. In the sector I work in travel agencies have received wage supports rent relief and in the latest Ontario budget UP TO $20000 grants and airlines undoubtedly Wil be getting tens of millions, surely the CFL that had one season totally wiped out and another at risk should reasonably expect something.

And so you're actually saying the government would not want to partner with CFL to offer the first 5,000 fans an opportunity to get vaccinated or protect themselves from variants with CFL branded cloth face mask. Are you actually saying this for real?

And, the added bonus is that the CFL teams have facilities that can act as central vaccination stations: so, financial help from the government would be, in effect, providing direct help to vaccinate Canadians. Not many other businesses in Canada can offer that type of partnership.

I can't see them do this at the expense of those who need the vaccinations more.

I kind of making this statement based on their (government) track record.

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Why only the first 5000? If they want to use the stadiums as vaccination centres, fine...but what is the the point of only the first 5000, like they were handing out bobble heads?

And what if the people dont want? Wasted vaccines?
I'm sure its the same everywhere....make an appointment and go get vaccinated. It works fine the way it is now

Sounds like Vaccine Passports are in the works. Grey Cup 2021 - Passport holders only?

There are those yellow cards for proof of vaccination. I had to use this when I used to work in DRC. Why do we need another costly proof of vaccine document system?

May I ask where you live?

Here in Quebec they gave us a simple paper print out.
Name DOB date vaccinated and which vaccine
Quebec is talking about something more official but the opposition is opposed....what a shock

I live in Oslo currently.

From Hamilton with stops living in Toronto, Montreal, Toronto again, Moncton, Kinshasa, Bamako and Rome. Fortunate to visit many other places via work and leisure.

The yellow card I'm talking about is this:

This is the Canadian version but travellers from all over the world had their own. It was required for travel into many African countries. In particular they wanted to see a yellow fever vaccine. It's an international document done in accordance with "International Health Regulations".

I wonder why all the talk about an iteration on this with a sure to be costly "vaccine passport".

Because some CFL teams were losing a lot of money before the pandemic and one team is owned by one of the richest sports owners in North American - MLSE.
Taxpayers would be up in arms to find out that money was going to MLSE.
When Ambrosie appeared before the government finance committee, some members said to him "you had teams that were losing money before the pandemic"
Then they ruled no taxpayer funding or loans to professional sports.
That's not going to change. The CFL and their fans are going to have to figure out how to play this year. Forget relying on taxpayers, it's never going to happen. especially during the pandemic with the huge debt and deficits.

Like I said here in Quebec we simply have a paper print out Maybe after the second shot

I wonder if the CFL (and/or XFL) has ever considered playing a season in a bubble like in the Rogers Centre or BC Place - each of which have an airport and hotels that can easily be quarantined from the general population so teams, staff and officials, and media could be isolated.

That's what the CFL wanted to do last in WPG but because it is not hockey, the feds would not agree to it and CFL requests

The XFL season was already underway when the pandemic hit


I doubt the Rogers Centre can be converted to football during the baseball season, especially with the way the infield is built in nowadays. So any CFL use for the dome I assume would have to wait until the end of the baseball season, which can run into late October?

As for BC Place, the BC Lions don't own that place, so the league I would think have to rent it out for the entire time they want to use it for.

Plus the soccer team needs access to that place as well.

Although both examples mentioned in this post has teams not playing in the country at the moment due to border restrictions, there are suggestions that'll change the later in the year we go.

I believe MLS has scheduled it in such a way that they've backloaded the Canadian teams' scheduled so their majority of home games are towards the second half of the scheduled.

For example, Toronto FC has only 2 "home" games prior to mid June. Home in quotation marks as those are @ their home away from home in Orlando.

Were you around last summer?
the CFL didn't have financing to play a season with no fans in the stands. One reason why Ambrosie went to the government for a handout/loan.
Players like Banks said they would not play if they had to go to a bubble in Alberta

The bubble first talked about June 2020

And you quoted me becasue?