First 5,000 Fans to CFL Home Games Get Vaccinated

Why Not? Federal Government would pay to protect CFL fans.

How about "No!"


I could see it now:

Fauci Bobblehead and Covid Vaccination Night. First 5000 fans in the stadium get their Fauci and vaccine shot.

Halftime show is six teams of healthcare workers trying to set the Guinness record for most vaccines administered in 15 minutes.

In Ottawa, Mr Shoe beer drinks his lager out of a giant flask made out of a 15 layer specially designed cloth mask.

Gainer the Gopher is given an honorary Epidemiology degree from U. Of Sask.

Quick Six synthesizes mRNA vaccine while galloping down the sidelines after every touchdown.

Jason the Argonaut is forced to quarantine in the visiting teams end zone until the next Argo home game since he’s from Greece.

Pigskin Pete opens an all pork takeout restaurant in the south end zone of THF.

Rum Hut in the Peg serves up Captain Morgan’s with a household bleach chaser.


NO 10 characters

I just can't stop thinking about the idea!

I can think of several issues with this, the first that comes to mind is my bingo loving relatives then demanding they get the shot at the Bing hall prior to draw 1

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Hmm. Good point there.

Why not the first 5,000 people that are already vaccinated get to attend a CFL game.


Great idea.

The first 5,000 survivors.

Amen to that.

I know the vaccinated fans only? Thread I started got locked after being hijacked by the 'I need to personally insult somebody in my posts' crowd - but here the latest example of vaccinations being a part of the return of fans - this time in North America.

The Miami Heat of the NBA have announced they will have sections of their arena open with fewer restrictions available to vaccinated fans only.

I don't know about there but in Canada it's the government that decides the restrictions not the establishment. And fewer restrictions for vaccinated people would have require a government issued document

In the US it's the governors that decide when to open, just like in Canada with the Premiers.

So then I can't see them have sections with fewer restrictions without the government approval

The Florida governor has already given the go-ahead for fans in the stands. It's up to the leagues how they want to do it. MLB has stated 2,000 fans in the stands for the Grapefruit League. Other leagues can decide how many fans they let in.

If you read the article some interesting details. The NBA said teams could do this where local and state health regulations allow. Fans in these sections would have a separate entrance, would still have to wear masks, but could sit with only 1 empty seat between them instead of several seats, no kids since they are not being vaccinated yet. Also if the vaccinate sections were within 30 ft of the court fans would also require a negative PCR test within 48 hours.

Also interesting to note that for the limited number of fans the Heat were allowing so far this season they have been using virus detecting dogs at the entrances.


I suppose the libertarian crowd will object to this as being in violation of their 'rights' or 'freedom'.

The Hypocrite NBA is the most left leaning China is wonderful crowd they don't mix with people who love freedom and liberty .