Firing Offence - The Redux

TWO GAMES IN A ROW The Great and mighty Orlondo opted to take the wind in the 1st and 3rd quarters of a football game.

If he had done that in the NCAA, never mind the NFL - he would have been fired.

This comes after the masive brain-fart in the last Grey Cup - allowing his player to make the decision on whether or not to take a knee. We all saw what happened there.

This loss is ALL on Orlondo. Again.


There is no logical, fathomable reason for that decision.


He is overrated.
Evans is overrated.

If both of them just did what you are supposed to do, they’d be 2 and 2, at worst.

They need to wake up.

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Too late.

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A very trustworthy fan at the game stated that Edmonton won the coin toss.

They took the wind in the 4th.

Coin toss misreported.

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The Eskimos called "Tails"; it was "Heads".

Honestly, I stopped paying attention at that point, until my neighbour in the stands stated,
"it is not very often that teams win the toss, and decide to receive the opening KO."

I had just assumed they would defer. But they didn't. They received the opening KO and then promptly went "2 & out". That is how yesterday's game started.

Did I really write "Eskimos" ??


It’s the morning after, and I’m now drinking coffee instead of beer, so I have a more subdued view.

When our baseball team was struggling, our coach would tell us to calm down. I think Dane needs this advice. He was sacked so often the first game he’s now shell shocked. He’s looking to avoid pressure instead of looking down field. He’s trying to force short passes to avoid sacks. He has lost confidence in his line. That might be understandable, but yesterday I think he had time but was afraid to take it. He needs to trust his teammates again.

Coach O needs to show a little intensity. I know it’s not his personality, but a little fire now and then wouldn’t hurt. I know this comes from the coordinators, but hit for the fences sometimes. Throw a long ball. Blitz the young quarterback in his first game. They should have been going after Ford all day and not given him any time to think. They should have let Evans air it out a few times. One long strike might be just what he needs. One yard passes don’t do anything for a quarterback’s confidence.

We’ve talked a lot about Danny Mac this week. One thing he showed us was that you don’t need a lot of time to throw it deep.


Coach O chose to receive the ball because this was supposed to be a blow out game in our favour , get up twenty five points and put in our second QB , and rest players , what is wrong with doing things different the way the coach's gut says to try , I'm ok with that stuff , but fumbling the ball in every game , no ....although Dane Evans is not getting his normal sleep unless he's playing on the road ,they have a crying baby and all....respectfully stated....

The one thing about Steve Milton’s article on Danny Mac in The Spec that stuck with me this week is just do your job, and trust everyone else to do theirs. I think Dane has lost that trust. He’s trying to do it all out there, ripping passes into tight coverage, pulling the ball down and running up the gut, trying to make something out of nothing. Agree with you that even when he has the time, he’s trying to force something that isn’t there and took a couple of sacks when he could have just tossed the ball away.


Ok. Thanks for the clarification. Cheers

I was mowing the lawn earlier this afternoon & it occurred to me that the opening coin toss should have very little bearing on the final result of a football game, regardless of who wins the coin toss or how windy it is that day,

Each team gets the wind twice . . . deal with it. But when you are a losing football team, I guess everything is scrutinized.

There were many other more significant factors that contributed to this loss.


That’s not correct, Edmonton won the coin toss and deferred.

Every windy home game I watch the coin toss very attentively with my little gambling app open waiting to make a ‘who will score first’ bet because in the CFL a team often gets the ball and the wind. This team almost always scores first because receiving the kick made into the wind usually gets them decent enough field position to start. Even if teams trade a punt or two they’re winning field position exchanges. I cashed my little bet Friday when the Cats scored first.

All that to say the I watch a every detail of the coin toss very closely as it usually makes me a few dollars on windy days. Edmonton won and deferred. Hamilton chose ball, Edmonton chose end. I said to my buddy (after placing my $10 bet) Edmonton deferred, they’ll get the wind in the fourth.

Towards the end of the first half I began to wonder if the game would play out like the Calgary game where the Stamps had the second half choice. They were set up to take the fourth quarter wind but chose ball because they were down so much and wanted the extra possession. We were unable to extend the first half lead in the Edmonton game and they stayed with wind which is why Hamilton received both the first and second half kickoffs this past game.

Interestingly, in the Calgary game, after the Stamps chose ball to start the second half, we chose wind in the 3rd, not the 4th. When I saw this I immediately checked the weather app and noticed the wind was forecast to calm, but it didn’t really seem to. I did wonder if the plan was to leverage the wind to extend the 21 point lead to the point we were seeing backups in the fourth anyhow. If so, it almost worked, but ultimately did not. The Cats dominated field position early in the third and had they not had two red zone turnovers that one would have been a laugher by the fourth. Unfortunately, we all know how that played out…

Anyhow, I agree with the other poster who said that the wind really wasn’t the deciding factor in this one, but I did want to clarify that we absolutely did not have choice of end in the second half.

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Even at 0 and 4 the Cats are one win out of first place in the east... This ain't saying much about the other teams in the east... But at least you are still in the hunt... Getting to the playoffs is the name of the game and you got all season to get players in for the playoff run and legitimate chance to win the Grey Cup is still on the table.

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You’re just wrong…

Hamilton only gets to choose first once. By choosing to receive when they chose first, Edmonton chooses an end. Therefore, in one of the halves Hamilton chose to receive, thereby allowing Edmonton to choose an end. Edmonton chose the wind in the second quarter of that half.

In the other half, Edmonton gets to choose first. Since Hamilton received both kickoffs this means either Edmonton chose the wind in the second quarter of the half, or Edmonton chose to kickoff. Edmonton obviously did not choose to kickoff when they had first choice. Therefore Edmonton chose the end and Hamilton chose to receive. Hamilton did not have any chance to influence the ends of the field when Edmonton chose first.

For the record, Edmonton won the toss, deferred, Hamilton chose ball, Edmonton chose end. At halftime Edmonton chose first, chose end again, leaving Hamilton to receive again. Unless you believe that Edmonton chose first, chose to kickoff, and then as a thank you the Ticats said you guys can have the wind in the long quarter.

In hindsight it’s actually hard to argue with Hamilton’s decision. Getting the ball and wind to start the game set them up repeatedly with great field position in the first quarter which led to a 16-6 first quarter and 19-9 halftime lead.

You don’t like Coach O, that’s cool. Seriously, there are plenty of Ticats that I’m not or wasn't enamoured with over the years. You want him to be accountable for his mistakes. That’s cool too. Why don’t you be a role model for accountability and change the title of the thread, or edit your initial post by adding a note below it explaining that you got it wrong, not Orlondo?


You are going to have to trust me, Hamilton won the coin toss, just as I described it. Edmonton called "Tails" & it ended up being "Heads". The second part of your statement, however, is correct. After the 'Cats won the toss, they did indeed elect to receive the opening KO.

Perhaps that is what confused you, because the conventional decision after winning the coin toss, is to defer the decision to the 2nd Half, just as you allege Edmonton did . . . when in fact, they lost the coin toss, and Hamilton allowed Edmonton to make their choice at the start of the 3rd Q (it was not their choice).

I have no idea how to prove this point. I don't think the CFL website documents such events. Does your Betting App have a Prop bet for the Coin Flip at the start of CFL games ?? If so, that would provide the answer, but I believe such outlandish wagers are reserved for higher profile games, like Grey Cup or SB games. But I wouldn't know.

When you verify that you made a mistake, you may owe @DisplacedCatsFan an apology.

Other than that, I think this whole "Coin Toss" issue is being blown way out of proportion.

The head official announced it in the stadium "Hamilton has won the toss".

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How about you stop trying to tell me what I may or may not post?

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Thank you. You have much more patience than I to correct someone who is always right. Great post👍


Next questions: Who does Orlondo report to? Who holds him accountable for his errors? On a conventional team (as in, the overwhelmingly vast majority of professional sports teams in North America) it would be the General Manager or Team President.

It's certainly not the Three Blind Mice in the General Manager's seat, since he outranks them by his position of President of Football Operations. Is it Scott Mitchell, as CEO of hamilton Sports Group? Is it Jim Lawson or Stelco as partners in HSG? Is it Bob himself?

These are serious questions to ask, because it is becoming plain to see that Orlondo holds all the hole cards on this team.