Firing Offence. Orlondo's neck is on the block

Who said anything about blowing stuff up ? I'm sorry but I'm getting a little fed up with getting participation ribbons . Just like Edmonton we should also change our names , I'm thinking something along the lines of the Hamilton Tiger-Bills for next season .


That's the way to look at it. Third one's the charm. Next year in Saskatchewan. Or maybe the following year in Hamilton.

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You'll feel better after the dust settles (by next June) and your Cats destroy our sadly depleted roster in the opening game Cup Rematch. :grin:

Yip wondering how the bombers planning keeping somewhat intact with free agency and the rumours about the head coach going to EE. LOTS can and will happen with free agency and a few key players on the bomber team took pay cuts for 2021 and will be looking to recoup losses and who know who is going to retire ... Many teams have the room on salary caps to go after major talent that the bombers have on that soon to be free agency list

We'll sign our O-Line first. After that we'll sign as many of our Canadians as we can. Our older players will be easier to sign and we'll likely keep all of them since our coach shows a lot of loyalty to 'his guys'... and I'm almost certain that Kyle Walters will want to keep O'Shea happy on that account. After that it'll be a crapshoot. :grimacing:


Agreed a great coach does tend to have players loyalty for a few extra seasons ... But if he moves to the EE HOW MANY FREE AGENTS WILL FOLLOW HIM

ALL OF THEM will follow O'Shea if he moves. Why would you scare me like that?

Devils advocate... Very hard to keep a team intact in the CFL at the best if times

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True. We're about to enter an off season loaded with way too many one-year contracts. Every manager will have a boat load of talent to choose from. The team with the deepest pockets may do very well next year. Who would that? Any guesses? :thinking:

And then to top it off you get to share profits with said team with the deep pockets.

Edmonton and BC come to mind as the two teams that will be opening purse strings on many levels ...hence I see EE getting the GM/ coach done ASAP ...players like to know a good upper management and coaching staff are in place before looking for $$

I know this is a Ti-cat post and not trying to rude or cute but every team in the CFL will have Simoni as the number one on their get this guy list

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I was thinking a good name change should be the Hamilton Heart Attacks.

I feel really bad for Bob Young aka Marv Levy. He must be thinking what does it take for this f@@$$@ city to win a championship


Hiring a GM who didn't fail in addressing the O-line and kicking situation might be a good idea...

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The kicking yes, the O line played good enough to win yesterday. I know they are still going to have to revamp the Oline for next year. The Gods of football just aren’t on our side

Yes, they played much better, but it should have been addressed in the 18-months from the end of the GC in 2019 ot the start of TC this year.

I think the the Ticats lack of focus with 10 mins left in the game will haunt us fans for many years to come. I am a basket case today.

In our Grey Cup games, a rookie does something to cost our team and coaches make boneheaded decisions. Lack of mental focus has killed us

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You lost this game by an inch .... Is there any way you can credit the bombers for being 3/4 of an inch better

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Kicking wasn't a issue it was punting there is a difference Domagala was perfect yesterday, Whitford not so much .

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