Firing Offence. Orlondo's neck is on the block

I'd rather Cincinatti than Kansas City, so winning the game actually helped... lol

I'm a Chicago Bears fan so, considering the crap I've seen over the last decade or so, I just want to see good football games...

My condolences. I am a Packers fan too... Lol

That's like...being an Argo fan....Bleccchhhh...

I grew up loving both the Raiders and the Packers in the NFL, and the Habs in the NHL.
My NFL teams play each other every other year, and it's rare to see that game on TV. At least both my teams are in the playoffs. I won't say anything about GB's QB, except that I feel that his on-field performance is worthy of being the Most Valuable Player. His off-field BS though... :roll_eyes:

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I agree, even if a blocked FG is returned for a score 1 out of 100 you still don't make that kick.
Although the win gave Vegas a better seed and easier 1st round matchup.

Heartbreak (noun) A Minnesota NFL fan in the 70's.

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Have been a Vikings fan since the Tarkenton, Foreman, Sammy White days. I think your heartbreak definition still holds true. 1999 was probably the worst, losing to the Falcons on what, the first
Missed field goal of the season?
Also a long suffering but now indifferent Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

I can sure pick sports teams.

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I wish they would choose a new name. That new stadium doesn't look like a viking "ship", it looks more like a falling down barn.