Firing Offence. Orlondo's neck is on the block

Good thing Orlondo has a gig set up in Washington State, because his order to give up the Rouge should be an instant firing offence.

This is also on the co-GMs, as they had TWO EFFING YEARS to address both the kicking game and the Offensive Line. Both of THEM should be fired for incompetence.

Next year should be aweful - I'm talking 1-17 aweful.


Get ready for the rebuild...

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Yeah, I believe you’re right. I don’t think we see Banks, Simoni, Masoli, and a few others next season


I hope Simoni stays. He is gold back there.

Truly baffled by the rouge…. I can’t come up with any scenario in which that works.

Kicking all year has truly been awful. Surely someone could have been a bit better.

A tipped pass in the end zone was the difference.


This game is full of “if’s”. After Kelly got that 2nd interception. If we scored again. That could been the straw that broke the camels back.


Our O was unreliable all year.

That’s why, if Steinauer leaves, Condell may not get the HC job.

Not a big fan of Condell's play calling. To much reliance on "small" receivers. To little emphasis on running the football and drive blocking on the O-Line...


There are so many free agents on all teams with all the 1 year contracts 3/4 of the teams will be rebuilding. I think Orlondo goes, Washington gets the HC job and Condell is a wild card probably leaves. Hopefully they can get some of the key players locked up and address some of the short comings with free agents. Already hopeful for next year


Condell's play calling was horrible.


2nd and short and we run the ball out of fucking shotgun. 3rd and short we try a QB sneak out wide and get stopped. Condell is lucky the d made a turnover next drive. He should be fired.


Condells playcalling kept us in that game.

As soon as Masoli came in we went back to the Guelph days of sweep option handoffs and shorter passes.

It worked very well against a historic defence.

We were a stupid single or a completion away from winning the Grey Cup.


Robin Ross (Secondary Coach) and tommy C need to go before any players go... Tommy C has cost us too many games this year. If Coach O is gone as both him amd Tommy are both rumored for College jobs down in US who do you bring in as HC. either way Tommy i hope wont be back next year.

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if Coach O goes it's the DC job... However... Whom ever does the US scouting love it... some good young talent coming up from the US

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Good bye Coach O. Sucks that you couldn't deliver the Cup!

How did this game not exceed everyone's expectations? Back to back cup appearances and we almost won - excruciatingly close, sure. But that team played better than anyone expected and almost had the win of a lifetime!


The Cats played a great game. I’m proud of them but it doesn’t take away the heartbreak of being so close.

You could see Winnipeg bending and with a 12 point lead with 9 minutes to go. I thought they were going to close it out at home.

Jackson played a great game also. They need to resign him. Also Dunbar had a good game. The Cats played physical and matched the Bombers, we just couldn’t finish.


This has been the story of the Tiger-Cats season. The losses to Toronto (twice) and Montreal come to mind.
Build a decent lead in the 4th quarter.
Offence sputters, no first downs, let alone an actual drive, a VERY sub-standard punter and kicker, a Defence that gets gassed because they're on the field for so long, idiotic coaching decisions, and a comeback that falls short. Then our QB throws in interception on the last play of the game.

Next year should be full of awe . I'm talking 17 - 1 full of awe .

Ah don't thank me for fixing it for you . . :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: That's what friends do .

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17-1 and then will proceed to lose to the 9-9 Riders in the Grey Cup after having a 28 pt lead heading into the 4th quarter .


As much as that works for us Rider fans you should not post when full of remorse and anger... As little as two weeks ago it did not look like the cats were going to win a play off game or take the mighty bombers to overtime and that the cats almost won this year's championship. Coming an inch or two short of a championship that most thought you would have blown out of the water St half time should have no shame or having any fan say the coaching and need to blow up and start over from zero