Firing Greg Marshall; was it worth it?

Four games in & we were 0-4.

Do you think that maybe Paopao should have been the one out at this point? Could Lancaster have replaced him as OC & gradually worked what he hopes to work in now?

i think that they both should've been gone at that time but i think in hindsight if only one was to be gone it should've been Paopao


Marshall should never have been made a head coach in the CFL right off the bat.
OC etc but not a HC.
No respect from the players( no title under his belt) , hired by a computor geek ,( sorry Bob :slight_smile: ) and could not win. Should have been brought up slowly. Greg had to go but he will be back but not as a head coach ...not yet.

Geoffrey makes some good points (one a tad harsh). The one thing missing was hiring a GM without any football experience.

Marshall should not have been hired as HC. As Bob said in a previous post, there were too many rookies in the football operations from 2004 (Owner, President, GM and HC ).

The hirings were good at the time (lots of local content) but were not manageable in the long run.

We could go around on this "till the cows come home" and never be able to come to an agreement! I'm on record as saying that they fired the wrong guy! I feel that PaoPao was a mistake and said so after game 2!

I would have liked to have seen Greg finish this year out and see what transpired. I really think he was doing OK but he needed help with the OC!

I'm not so sure that he picked PaoPao. I think he was forced on him by the upper management!

Anyway, doesn't matter...we have this mess to work our way out of and a couple of big games comming up!

I say...move on! Let's not roll over!

Trading for a quarterback with a great resume, but wonky shoulder, didn't help anyone's job security.

Going with the exact same group of receivers from last year didn't help either.

All I heard from the training camp was how tough the receiver battles were, yet the same bunch from last year came out victorious, I blame Marshall for that.

And not just at receiver.
Of all the players that Craig Smith and Mike McCarthy, 2 proven talent finders, brought in, how many beat out incumbants at their position in camp? Anyone? Bobby Brooks made the team but didn't start under Marshall.
Does this mean Smith and McCarthy suddenly lost their ability to evaluate talent? I don't think so.

worst move the team made all year. Too bad we can't get him back.

Hiring Marshal at the time was just a marketing gimick. I was one of the fans who thought it was neat to see him hired but I knew it was also to put people in the seats. It worked though. Too bad it did'nt work by putting wins on the board

His record that year wasn't too bad...and his COTY award wasn't too bad.

Yes but remember it takes more than one year to become a good CFL coach. Yes I thought it was great to see win the award but when you take over a 1-17 team it is bound to improve.

Its weird to me Hamilton has won 2 games and Edmonto 3 and yet their fans aren't having digital diarhea? How much effort did Paopao and his pal put in preparing that team once they were passed over for promotion? Fact is Hamilton is only 3 games behind Toronto and Winnipeg. This is the CFL...

You're not seriously suggesting we have a playoff calibre team? Last 3 home games...Visitors 100 Ticats 10. Lay that egg in Edmonton and see what happens.

Good point, but I know for myself the frustration is less about this seasons record and more from the fact that we are in year three of the five year plan and it looks at though we are back at the starting point. Ideally, there should have been steady progress each year and this never materialized.
Cleaning the slate again is a good move - I think that Marshall needed to go for many reasons. I have so much respect for Coach Lancaster, but the word 'interim' just conjures up a mental picture of a big band aid. Big decisions might be put off until a permanent coach and his staff are hired.
Realistically, where can we go from here? Is the season even salvagable? And can we/should we start rebuilding right now, or wait until the off season?