ok, what do you people think of the ticats having some fireworks during intros and after tds(if we score them)??? i think the big boomers would add to the excitement…many teams already do this

They'd be stale and duds by the time you go to use them and fireworks after a single seems a little excessive.

An Argo-Cat fan

Don’t quit your day job, BF :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, good point, but what if and i mean IF, we score

Classic answer!

like the idea, but have to agree with 'fife

As long as they tip over and fire into the tents at the west end zone (like last time) I'm all for it. THAT was fun to watch! :smiley:

They tried the fireworks thing
with Field Turf it's a no no ..
It Catches fire to easy..

dont the argos have them inside their goal posts and they flare up???

i was at that game last year. was hilarious, just like the rest of the season.

yes they do...and that would look very nice at IWS in the nite sky after a TC TD

only problem i see is the fact that we haven't scored a touchdown yet. i say we set them off whenever anybody scores. at least there would be something to see each game.

i can hear the comments now, i went to a fireworks display and a football game broke out.

If we could score a touchdown, agreed it would be entertaining.

At the rate at which the Cats score, you'd need fireworks with expiry dates on them. :lol:

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We had fireworks after scores for years,I honestly don't remember when they stopped.

They should let one rip only when the offence manages a first down. Think of all the money the club would be saving.