Practice these words Fired, Fired, Fired, Fired, Fired.
Grey Cup team reduced to this what the Hell have the people incharge of this team done here. To say they have done nothing is a lie they made a perfectly good team worse remember our first game to open the season, once the coaches got the boys playing there game after that day things have gone nowhere but downhill. The players could have done better coaching themselves.
Using that for though
Defence- Eddie Davis, he was the on field coach for how many years.
Special Teams anyone who played for us who has a pulse
offence corridinator paul Lapolice
head coach Richie Hall he should have been in the first place, but edmonton wont part with him now. even better Kent Austin
as a coach and G.M. combination.

I can't gripe about Miller, and I feel he is still a better coach then Richie would have been, Miller is still the best coach that we have had in decades (Austin 1-year anomaly excluded). As far as Special Teams Coordinator goes, Gainer would have been a better choice then Daley.

Taman, who then brought in Berry and Daley (and Dinwiddie, which effectively took out the option of using a backup QB to push Durant)

All proven losers in Winnipeg, and carrying on their tradition in Regina.

I do agree with you to a point but miller makes good decisions with good people around him he can be convinced to do things he shouldnt because he is trying to please everyone and wont tell anyone no! Has not been very in charge this year just been standing there with no emotions. Not one to gamble. but all that aside still think he would be a great O.C.
and for the love of God Fire Tamen
Clean house and hang on to see if we can salvage our next season, Keep these Idiots and te 80s will look like a cake walk. Keep them and players will want to be traded there performance will drop till they get traded, where they will play unbeleiveable for any other team just like the 70s and 80s.

Well as far as Dinwiddie goes I don't think it would be fair to pass judgment on him without actually seeing him in a game situation for the Riders.

Although this original post was almost too incoherent to understand, I am assuming that the poster is blaming our current woes on the coach being too mild-mannered/unemotional/laid-back, etc. etc. in his working with the players. This seems at odds with several callers to the radio post-game show who have complained that (in the case of our special-teams coach) the players have "tuned him out" due to his tendency to frequently yell and get emotional with them. (Others did complain likewise about Coach Miller being too low-key as stated above). This confusion amongst fans as to what approach is creating the team's problems seems to indicate there is indeed widespread confusion as to what is the cause or reason for the 'Riders' current slump...One can only go by what one sees: Today, defence played better (stopped the run, for the most part; limited the big passing play). Offensive line, still not good enough, hence many of Darian's problems in having to buy time. Games are usually won or lost on the lines; this one was closer, but the O-line still has to get back to the level they were at last season. Special teams...something has to be done that represents a departure from what has been tried until now; it might be interesting to hear suggestions on what that should be. (And maybe we could come up with something more creative than just firing someone at this stage of things...?)

tho not happy with the way the last 4 weeks have gone but not much can be retooled this year this late so this is the facts I will hold onto in 1989 kent Austin was the last qb to reach the 5000 yrd mark DD did it today and in that same year 1989 we went 9-9 and won the GC so lets just fill our stadium the next to games give our support to the green and white and let them feed off our energy as fans and let the team know that were still behind them and let the changes take care of themselves in the off season

Agreed. Support the team. But..... staying with the topic, let talk about 'fired'

Unless we 'fire' we are going to be the Bombers. We 'fired' Tillman, and since he's been an Esk, they're what, 6-2?
It's all about leadership. When the Riders limp into the playoffs losing 5 in a row, let's extend Taman's contract, sign up Daly and Berry for more years and 'nail' that first draft pick for the next 6 years. Heck, choose to fail.

Well its a tough thing to put your fingure on as to what has happened to OUR team. Theres some new faces on this team and looking at it, it would seem as though the players are quitting. They aren't playing as a team anymore, some individuals stepping up, but not enough. All roads seem to lead to coaching though. My thoughts are there are too many head coaches on this team. It looks like maybe Kenny Miller has stepped back and letting the coordinators coach, possibly looking for the next head coach.

Anybody remember the days of Paul Lapolice, as O.C. He spent most of his time in the spotters box, meanwhile D. Berry is on the sidelines. More to the point last season DD worked with K Miller on the sidelines during games. A guy that doesn't get to excited. This year DD is with D. Berry opposite of K. Miller. This was shown when DD threw a interception in the Winnipeg game, DD came to the sideline to speak to Kenny. Kenny with a head nod pushed DD to D. Berry all was televised on T.V. To me I liked Doug Berry, but somethings not right, maybe he's to much the opposite of Kenny.

Does anybody remember Kavis Reed, our old special team coordinator. We put him on the hot seat last year, all through the year and then through him under the bus in the end. Sometime in Sept. he went on the defensive and said he doesn't pick the players for the teams and said the players he has are on the small side. After this was said the teams played better. Kitwana and other injured players came back. Who are the usual special teams players, there generally players from the D-fence, maybe we are small there, to get speed. By the way Alex Smith falls into the same category as Kavis did. Now for our new special team coordinator, were failing misably, and it should come down on Mr. Daley. We can't even get our assignments right for basic teams, let alone allow for us to have some trickery of our own. I know everyone says you can't change a coach this time of year. Hmmm interesting, because if a player isn't cutting it at this point in the season, the team has made moves to fix that. I think Daley needs to go now!!

Just a question on Mr. Daley, why is he not in Edmonton. I saw a huge argument last year in the game in Regina, with Ritchie Hall and Jim Daley on the side lines. We were winning 21-0 I think at the time and lost the game. Those two never got close to one another after that and there were over 2 quarters played. Does anyone see where Mr. Daley stands on the sidelines, its in Kenny's hip pocket. I'm tired of it his first stop here was enough.

Last point is we let our young coaches go to only bring in an old coaching staff. Doesn't seem like the experiance is paying off

I think you hit the nail on the head there. I get the feeling that Berry & Durant won't be exchanging Christmas cards any time soon. They just don't seem to be in sinc and i sense a lot of frustration from Durant at the game planning.

I have seen Doug Berry loose it on players. Especially in the Peg. That just dont work. Daley is the same...seems like he has calmed a bit, but that is because he knows his fate is sealed. The players hate him. You can see them turn their heads away from him. DD avoids Berry like the plague, and the o-line does to. If you are facing the rider bench, Berry is generally on the left. The Oline and DD are generally on the right hand side far away as they can get. The recievers are generally there to. The backs tend to stay pretty much inbetween Berry and Miller. The defense and teams are closer to Berry. That tells you a lot. The players dont respond to hose coaches.

well......whether they get fired or not the team has to win 3 of the next 4 to win the cup.

outcoached ?? i would say so. where's the team that pulled off a reverse on their goal line and got to mid field? what team doesnt throw a single screen play in a whole game against a proficient sack team like bc? whens the last time they faked a punt when loosing the game just to mix it up and get a slugguish offence going?? wheres all the motion prior to the snap of the ball...... a rider trademark offence tactic the game announcers used to rave about as keeping the defence on their toes?? and one last thing.......Durant is an amazing QB but when you empty the back field as much as they do prior to the snap of the ball....even i can figure out its a passing play and evidently so have the other teams!!!

as a recommendation for the coaches i wouldnt even waste my time having the players review the tape of the last few the ones where things were really happening and remind these guys what they can do not what they cant.

Coaches have slumps too but its time to step up and make some gutsy play calls and get this offence rollin like it can.

the armchair coach

Doug Berry seems unfit for us right now. Etchvery's D is weak and he may be unfit for us right now, too (not sure on this one).

Daley may not be that good, but our special teams has been terrible for years. Hardly Daley's fault.

Wish for Austin all you want . . . if you wish loud enough maybe he'll bring ET back too (this sentence is sarcasm, live in the now).

Paul LaPolice is a head coach for another team right now. That means, you must come back to the present and live in the now.

We got a home-playoff spot against the Eskies or the Lions. We've beat them before, we can beat them again.

Then, we just got to beat the Stumps. It'll be tough, but it's the playoffs, it's supposed to be tough.

Then, we're one win away from hoisting that Gorgeous Grey Cup in Alberta like we were supposed to last year (psst . . . it was our special teams coach last year who killed that dream for us).

My point is, quit inducing stress on that fragile nervous system of yours and sit back, drink a chocolate milk, enjoy some football.

Our new bottom line is home-playoff game. A few years back that woulda' been a pipedream.

Believe . . . :cowboy:

Daley needs to go. There have been 3 missed Field Goals returned for TDs and thats just what I can remember and virtually nothing on Rider returns. Listening to the games I chringe when it's time for a special teams play.

I agree with your comments except this. 1 play did not lose that game. The Riders played conservatively in the 2nd half, not wanting to make mistakes. The stats were ALL Riders in the 1st half, but by the end of the game the Als lead in most. The Riders tried to coast on a lead. The Als executed amazingly. They won. Having to count on a missed field goal by the opposition to win a game can be pinned on the ST coach. Yes, there were too many men, and that did end up costing, but if Duval had hit it it would be a mute subject.

You don't count on the other team missing on the last play of the game. Learn from the Stamps...when they have a lead they keep their foot on the other team's throat.

Not really wanting to beat a dead horse, but. . .

One play DID lose that game. Despite Saskatchewan's conservative approach in the second half, and despite Montreal's impressive comeback, the fact remains that Duval DID miss the field goal on what should have been the last play of the game. So the too many men on the field penalty gave him a second chance and he made good. . . but for that penalty, the Cup would have been Saskatchewan's. . . so you can certainly say that in this case one play did lose the game.

Should it have come down to that? Probably not. . .but the fact remains that it did.

Which is it? The Riders tried to coast on a lead, or the Als executed amazingly?

It's not like the Als aren't a good team. You can't just assume that the Riders tried to coast on the lead.

And yes, it did come down to one play. There were more plays before it, but it came down to one play and one play did lose that game, as Madjack said.

I can and do say it was both. The Als did execute amazingly, BUT, the Riders also tried ditsy lil offensive plays with minimal turnover probability but also no real big strike potential. They also stopped blitzing AC, which they did in the 1st half and through him off his game...they got great pressure on him and the Als could not adjust. In the second half, the Als got a TD out of the is the Als...they are eventually going to strike. The riders struck back....I thought it was over their, but then the Riders showed no more blitz, and the Als ate it up. AC ripped them apart. The Rider O played well, they just elected to play conservatively and protect the ball...they wanted to play a game of field position, but the Als walked through a D that stopped blitzing.

And yes, obviously the too many men penalty ended up the final nail for the Riders. The problem is that they squandered a huge lead. The Als should have never been in a position to win with a last second FG. I get cost the game...but the opportunity should not have been their. It is the same as the old analogy in hockey...if you have 2 goal lead going into the 3rd, and you loose, you probably deserved to. The Riders were up 27-11 with 10 minutes in that game. (ironically enough if the Als had got their 2 pt convert we would have had the last drive with a tied game, then likely OT). with a 16 point lead and 10 minutes to play...the Riders collapsed and the Als made plays. Football is not a game based on a single play.

Somebody missed an assignment on the FG. I don't think the ST coach alone can be blamed. At some point the player has to know they are not in a given playset and get out. The stadium was loud, so communication sucked. But players have to take some responsibility on this. The coach took the hit, which was the right thing to do, but it was far from being all on him.

All on Kavis Reed. I am done with this topic now.