[Fired] Denny Creehan out as Calgary AC/DC


If this guy has any past history of coaching special teams, I'd give Easley the boot right away and bring Creehan in.

Last week I would have said to fire Al Bundy and bring Creehan in, but our D actually looked much improved against the Bombers.

Kind of surprising at this time of the season. It wasn't too many years ago Creehan was being heralded as a top DC and talked about as a head coach.
What happened?
I know one thing you can't win in this league with a lot of rookies starting. Why Calgary went with so many newcomers on defense this year only they know. But I think it has been proven that rookies cost a team points every game, especially early in the season. I don't think it is a coincidence that the two teams that have given up the most yardage this year (Calgary and Hamilton) have the most newcomers starting.
It's funny how good experienced players make the coaches appear smarter.